Requesting A Rebel Beta

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- Follow Rebel_Town , Rasha007 , Pfunzo18 and xxRazmatazxx .

- Follow your Beta

- Be patient when waiting for a response! The Rebels are busy bees.

- Be polite! Not everyone is a good fit for each other. If a beta turns down your pitch, don't take it personally! If they don't explain why they can't work with you at this time, politely ask why and then maybe try another beta based on the information given. Being rude or mean to anyone will result in your requests being terminated immediately, and if you resist our warnings you will be reported to Wattpad.

- Be realistic about your expectations for how much work your beta will put in. They have lives outside of reading your story, so understand that there will only be so much work they can do per week.

- Read the Beta Bios carefully! You want to start a long term relationship with this person so that you can get meaningful feedback on your work. They want you to have a polished finished project to publish, but they can't do that if your story isn't a good fit for them. Make sure you're pitching a beta that you think you'll jive well with.


*Make sure to comment your application on the chapter of the Rebel Beta you're pitching! This helps keep everything organized.*

Things to include in your pitch:

- Why you're looking for a beta

- A quick summary of your book

- Your goals for your book going forward

- What exactly you're looking for feedback on (spelling, grammar, plot, character development, help overcoming writer's block)

The application form for each beta will be on their respective chapter.

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