Becoming A Rebel Beta

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- Follow Rebel_Town , Rasha007 , Pfunzo18 and xxRazmatazxx .

- Must be over 18.

- Knowledgeable about proper grammar, spelling, structure and formatting.

- Able to commit to your authors. Make sure before agreeing to beta you are both in agreement as to how much work is going to be put in. You could do this as a certain weekly limit of words/chapters/hours, or agree to look over an author's chapter whenever they write a new one. Set clear limits for workload so that everyone is on the same page BEFORE committing. You have every right to refuse a request, but once you commit, please live up to what you've said you will do!

- Be polite! Not everyone will have a book that you want to read, but you don't have to be nasty about turning down someone's pitch. Politely decline if a pitch isn't a good fit for you! It would also be helpful to them if you explained why, whether it be time constraints or just a genre you're not knowledgeable with. That way they can make a more informed decision about pitching a different beta. If you have issues with an author, please let us know.

- If you're full, please let us know so that we can close your chapter. On the flip side, if you get a spot open, let us know and we will reopen it.

- It would be a nice thing to follow your authors!

Payment: Feel free to negotiate a payment with your authors that works for you, such as a read (or a beta trade!) of one of your chapters for every chapter of theirs you beta read. Keeping track of this is up to your own discretion!

Trial Period:

All new betas must join the Rebel Elite book club and complete the two trial period rounds there to be considered for becoming a Rebel Beta. The reasoning behind this is that there are strict instructions and guidelines to follow over there, thus it will be a good test of your attention to detail.

Also, we have quality enforcers that grade our Rebels in a strict rubric that will allow us to see clearly whether or not your standard of critiquing is sufficient to join this program! You're welcome to bow out of the book club after your trial period is over (pass or fail) but that is completely up to you.

If you're not willing to do this, then sorry it isn't going to work out here. But thank you for your interest!

Still with us and just as excited to become part of the team? Fill out the form below and we'll get started!

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Tag 3 people:

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