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Previously on Absolute Blessing:

Sue Marie Asillo had been working in a company with Mr.Ikeda who treated her as his own daughter, she stopped working after the death of Mr.Ikeda for a reason no one knew, cause it was the normal attitude of Sue ...

During those times Sue's health deteriorated cause of missing someone which made her Aunt very tired and sad cause of her.

One day a friend of her Aunt visited them, she is Olvita ,and offered her a new job.

She agreed to accept it not to please her Aunt nor herself but the location of the workplace brings back many memories for her.

Sue moved to the new location within two days, leaving her Aunt for the first time.

Sue reached her new apartment , cleaned it well and prepared for new adventures far from her Aunt, hoping to start a new life ?

Why Sue accepted the job and will she adopt to the new environment ?

All facts will be disclosed by reading this chapter.


Sue Marie Asillo is running late, she looks so tired, but it has been her habit to rush things out since before.

She hurried from the kitchen room into her stockings, carrying her shoes, abruptly put on her baby pink long sleeve blouse and black pants, brushed her shoulder length black hair, put-on Bobby pins, changing herself into the person she needed to be before she left her house.

She was so excited because it is her first day to report as Senior Officer in a Construction firm after a long time being unemployed as what Olvita her Aunt's friend told her.

She grasps her bag and keys, slammed her bedroom door, hurrying up for the 8am bus ride to her office.

It took her forty-five minutes' bus drive in spite of the short distance from her apartment to the company.

She experienced excessive heat inside the crowded bus and got stuck with the traffic jam and seem will be the same situation every day.

A relief Sue felt inside while she looked at her handwatch:

"Whew! ah.. excellent. I am on time"

Her heart starts beating while she rides the elevator, she felt like she can't adapt the new adventure, but she wanted to give it a try... a big signage faced her eyes when she reached the third floor, it reads "Operations Department" with left arrow and in front of the signage have a small office with a cute young secretary smile and greeted her....

The Secretary:

"Good morning, I think you are Madam Sue, the newly recruit, I'm Rosalyn the secretary here and your new assistant, welcome"

Sue chose to smile and to show her grace and mien, though her heart beat so fast.

Rosalyn took the office phone to call the boss before Sue says any word:

"Hello madam, Sue reached the company and she is here right now"

Rosalyn cut the call and said to Sue:

"Excuse me Sue, Madame will see you now, please follow me"

Rosalyn leads the way; they crossed the narrow alley till they reached the last room at the corner.

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