24| Mixtape 1; Acoustic.

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24|Mixtape 1; Acoustic.

Annie had spent the first two days of the six week holiday with her parents; day one with her father- who took her to a car show to introduce her to the new McCain industries car. Day two (today) with her mother, spending hundreds, thousands of dollars on clothes and shoes and accessories, talking about the new clothing line Victoria is releasing this summer.

"Also, your father and I have decided to go to Switzerland for two weeks but-" Victoria started, five shopping bags in one hand and another three in the other. "We were thinking that you and a few friends could do a road trip to the beach house or something?"

Annie's eyes widened, of course her parents were going away but she wasn't expecting them to be so open minded about her leaving too.

Once arriving home Victoria and Samuel sat their sweet little daughter down and talked to her about the Do's and Don'ts of travelling.

•Drive safely and always at the speed limit.
•Have fun.

•Talk to strangers
•allow strangers in the car/get into a strangers car.
•NEVER fall asleep at the wheel, always stay in a hotel.
•No excessive alcohol drinking
•When drinking, always have at least one sober friend.
•No wearing clothes that will get destroyed and/or are provocative.
•NO SEX WITH LUKE. OR ANYONE. (A rule Samuel stated several times during the intervention).
•No drugs.
•No major parties at the beach house

Annie noticed she wasn't going to have much freedom on this trip if she stuck to her parents rules, yet she had never done something so risky as break them. Luke would probably bring out the worst in her no doubts, and by then she won't be feeling any type of guilt.

After Samuel's never ending speech, Annie excused herself to go to Luke's and tell him the good news. She wasn't actually sure if his parents would allow him to go or if he wanted to go at all.

Because of her painful period making an unexpected and unplanned entrance to her day, Annie decided against doing something hyper active with Luke to tell him the great news. That's and the rain hadn't stopped since last night, soaking into the ground and making Annie's gardener very upset.

She did, however, want to surprise Luke, because surprises was one of her favourite things to do. She loved the reaction of their face when they see what Annie has done for them; granted that this time it would result in Annie having to tell Luke what she had done.

Carefully driving her car to Luke's house a few minutes down the road, she ran to the door in attempt to stay as dry as possible. Liz opened the door, ushering the girl in and smiling sweetly, something surprising Annie in an entertaining way.

She also stated that she had some cookies in the oven for the both of them to share as they will presumably spend the day inside. Annie told her the plans, causing Liz to tell the girl how much she appreciated everything she was doing for her once helpless son.

Waddling upstairs she saw Luke sat on his beanbag listening to music, only one headphone in as he tapped his finger along to the beat. Annie stepped inside, leaning down next to Luke on the bean bag and kissing his cheek.

"Hey beautiful," he smirked, unplugging his headphones and putting his phone on the floor. He lifted her up and onto his lap, smiling into her side as he squeezed her body.

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