Author's note

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Hey-o guys! :)

I know some of you would be irritated by Author's notes but this is really some important info.

So, welcome to my Hiro Hamada X Reader Oneshots book! :D

If you are new with the oneshot thing and you don't know what it is, well then.

Oneshots are little scenarios. Instead of a full story, it could be one chapter (or maybe more) to be in different scenarios!

I hope I explained that clearly 😅.

Anyways, if you are new with the 'x reader' thing [Believe me, back then when I didn't know ANYTHING about Wattpad, I stumbled across an x reader and I didn't know what (Y/n) meant until I met another fanfic that did explain about the keys.]

(Y/n) - Your name
(L/n) - Last name
(H/c) - Hair color
(E/c) - Eye color
(F/c) - Favorite color
(H/l) - Hair length [<< I think I don't use this often..]

After these, I would like to explain about my oneshots.


So, as you can see. In the current that I am writing this, my oneshots are 26 overall.

Since, from the (1) A Fairy Of Nature to (26) Batter.

And, I will not be editing the chapters once I write them. (Well I do, sometimes)

I just wanted to know how I've improved throughout the months.

Just a heads up: The oneshots at the start would be freaking cringy AF. So, bear with me. :'(

So, hope you enjoy reading and sticking with me for updates! :)

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