Chapter 2- The Lost Friend

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Hey guys #Kai# pov *yeah*

*Kai pov*

I was sitting in the conference room attending an important meeting for the launch of new project when suddenly door flew open and revels rick standing there.

"sir you can't. He is in meeting. " came the voice of my secretary, lily.

" he called for you urgently " he said to me ignoring her completely. This man get on my nerves for his guts to disturb me like this but he is a smart one to do such mistakes, so indeed it must be serious matter.

" so gentleman, I have to attend some much more important issue here. Let's continue our conversation later. I will contact you soon. Please excuse me. " I said getting up from my chair to three men's sitting in front of me.

" we understand sir, see you soon " said one of them while all them also stand up. With that said I walk towards door where Rick was waiting. I nodded at him to follow me.

After ten minutes of ride we reached to my dad's office. When I entered inside he was sitting his back facing us looking outside the window which was behind his desk. He seems to be deep in thoughts since he didn't noticed me. I cleared my throat to gain his attention. He turned toward me and smiled.

" you called me dad" it was less a question than a sentence. He moved his head approvingly and said, "yes I did, take a seat son." I sat down and waited for him to speak. When he was silent for more than a minute I started,"  so.... " he raised an eyebrow towards me,  I continued," you called me to talk about something  important"

" oh yes, so how shall I start now? " he started. " you see son I was not born as a rich person, my dad was just a normal man-"

"dad don't tell me you called me here from an important meeting just to tell me your struggle story" I said cutting his word and getting annoyed.

" of course not, but first listen to me." he ordered me. Well only one person exists here who can order Kai Williams. I Nodded my head and he continued,

" In my time of struggle there was one man because of whom my whole life changed. But however I lost contact with him. My whole life and wealth both are because of his kindness. I always tried to look for him, so I can repay his help but I couldn't find him." he paused for a moment. Now I can't see where this conversation was leading to.

He continued, " I found him two days ago at hospital"  now I was shocked.

" oh wow dad it's great, I am happy you find your lost friend. " I said to express my happiness but I know that was not the topic of today. My dad didn't sounded happy and the fact that he found him at hospital was really something so I asked him what he wanted to hear.

"  but why at hospital? " he looked at me and said," he is suffering from major illness. If not treated he can lose his life. The only treatment is surgery but it is very costly for him to afford. I really want to help him. " dad said clenching his fingers in fist.

" Of course you should help him dad. "  I said reaching for his hand. He looked at me trying to find something in my eye.


# Christopher pov#

" nick, please. Don't be so stubborn. I want to do it. "

" christ I know but try to understand me. This is what I need most from you now. "

Me and Nick were arguing. Now who is Nick? Well he is my best friend, my lifesaver, person I workship. Why? Cause he changed my life and only because of him I am who I am now. I don't know what I may be doing if it was not him in my life. So then why are we arguing? Well because this genius has lost his mind. I want to pay for his illness and he says he could only allow a blood related family person whom he trust do it. Who trust relatives?? How did he came up with such lame excuse.

"nick am not your trustworthy? "I asked feeling bad.

" of course you are. I trust you more than anyone else " he replied with smile.

" Then why don't you let me " I asked.

" please understand christ. I am concerned if something happens to me then I have a son too. I am not afraid of dying and leaving him alone but I  can't let my money to repay be his burden if the surgery fail. If it's  a family member then  they may even take him in to make him pay so he will not be all alone. I just want him to be happy and safe. " he said in concerned voice.

" but that's not the problem. You don't have to repay me and I can even take responsibility of your son" I replied eagerly in hope.

" that's not it. I don't want your money  if it's for free. Just take it as my ego or whatever you want and its lot of money. " he added last part noticing my pained expression at his refusal. I do felt hurt. What was wrong with it? He was there when I needed so why can't I be there for him? I just sat in silence. I don't know what to say.

After some silence he said in quite voice" he is very good boy. Anyone can take his advantage. And he doesn't feel comfortable with strangers. He is only comfortable with me, not even my other family members but I think after me he could at least cope up with them as they are blood related. I wish I could be more sure that there is someone to love him and take care of him like he deserves "

When I heard those words I think I understood what he meant after all I was the father of a son too. I really wish I could be his family rather than best friend. That way I could help him. I never thought that blood make relations, I always thought that they were feeling what made it. But today I feel helpless.

I spend some more time with him and after telling him I would be back I left. I was on my way back home in my car and I was continually thinking how I could establish a family relation with Nick. At signal my car stops and then I heard it on radio " Marriage is a something which has the power to bind two strangers into a relationship and make them each others family for rest of the life"  and rest what they say I never heard cause I was too busy feeling happy and smiling evil way to myself.

# end flashback #

#Kai pov#

" Marry his son." said my dad once done looking in my eyes.

Have I heard him right???


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