Chapter 36 | The Start Of A Quest

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Third Person POV

Silence reigned over everyone in the Senate House. The leaders of both camps gathered along with the senior campers and head counselors. On one side sat the whole Alpha and Beta Sector. The other side was occupied by the hunters. All of them stripped down of their weapons because of entering the Pomerian lane. Chiron, Reyna, and Frank stood up front and everyone waited on what they have to say.

Luckily, the younger half-bloods have been sent back to their respective classes as the commotion dispersed. So, everyone inside the Senate House were older than twenty. That left them hoping that this will be a professional meeting.

Now, the Beta Sector can be described in two words as of the moment.

A mess.

The two members inside the meeting a while ago was silent and did not offer any comfort for now. Zoë was squirming in her seat because she feels the stares of the hunters on her. All the while Xiana was trying to hold up the world before it falls apart on Percy's shoulders.

Because the world IS falling apart, atleast in Percy's mind.

Percy took in a deep breath. He refused to look at anyone at the moment. He fought to stop another panic attack forming inside him. He felt eyes on him, most of it from his own sector. He was thankful for the cloth that covered half his face. Although, he knew he will be easily recognized if they look close enough. He knew he was bound to introduce who he really is. It wasn't supposed to be a secret especially that he knew he's the hero of the prophecy...again.

Despite his own protests against himself, he started reliving what had happened in the past thirty minutes.

The last thing he knew before Rachel was holding him on the shoulders so hard was him trying to stay focused on the ground he steps on. He was dizzy from all the familiar places, scenes, voices. Oh gods, the voices were the worst. He heard them all, everyday. Everyday for ten years. It haunted him and it never stopped. Their was a mantra of voices waiting to be triggered but hearing them in left him wanting to fall to the ground or knock himself unconsious. Believe it or not, it took his whole strength to not do just that.

Everywhere he looked...he could replay a scenario he was in in that exact spot. Like when he saw Gwen dead on the floor right after the War Games. The day Juno appeared after disguising herself as an old woman to cross the Little Tiber and proclaimed him to be the Son Of Neptune. Soon, these memories lead to names. The names lead to faces and the faces lead to voices.

He had enough of voices. He had enough of memories. He wanted to forget. So, he stayed clear of anything that could trigger especially after hearing her voice.

As they walked their way to the field of mars, he couldn't feel Xiana's hand on his arm or Zoë's on his shoulder despite knowing it was there. He started to feel numb all over and when he was set to do something about it, Rachel's cold hads darted to his shoulders. Green smoke were all aroud her that immediately covered him as well.

Xiana and Zoë backed away immediately but came back right away to get her off him. They were careful not to hurt Rachel since she was currently taken over by the Spirit of Delphi.

"Rachel..."he managed to breath out.

She stared at him with eyes glowing in green. She held him tighter and suddenly spoke in a low raspy voice.

"A deity will rise with the pit.

And will try to make everything else fit

A halfblood will be betrayed,

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