'Alright alright enough smoochin' Zelda smirked pulling me into her. She nodded at Tommy. 'You've had her for long enough, now it's our turn'

Tommy chuckled, nodding in acknowledgment.

'You ladies have fun'

He placed a chaste kiss on the side of my head before making his way into the crowd.

I grinned as the girls pulled me into a tight group hug.

'We've missed you so much nugget' Ada pouted, rubbing my arm comfortingly.

'I'm sorry' I bit my lip. 'I know I've been a bit off the radar these past couple of weeks'

'No need to apologize' Pol nodded pointedly.

'Just as long as you're ok' Esme continued.

My heart warmed at the amount of love they were showing me.

'I'm getting there' I replied honestly with a grin.

Ada clapped her hands together triumphantly. 'That's what I like to hear!' She downed her shot of tequila and looked at the group excitedly 'Now lets dance!'

I beamed happily as we grabbed eachothers hands and made our way to the middle of the Garrison.

Things were finally starting to look up.


The time was about 10pm and the party was still in full swing.

I was currently sat at a table with Stubyz, Victor, John, Arthur, Pol and Zelda as we played a game of bullshit.

'You know Emily's undefeated back in London' Victor nodded, dealing everyone their given cards. 'Never lost a game'

I smirked as Stubzy collected his stack.

'Yeh that's because she lies like a motherfucker'

I squinted and kicked him under the table, causing him to wince at the sudden pain.

'I just know how to read people' I countered, wiggling my eyebrows cockily.

John clapped his hands and rubbed them together with anticipation.

'Well all that's about to change'

'Is that right Johnboy?' I raised an intrigued eyebrow.

'Yeh that's right' He said confidently, popping the collar of his shirt.

I smirked.

'Would you like to make this wager a little more interesting?'

'Oh here we go' Zelda chuckled, shaking her head.

'£100 pounds even' I stated.

'Deal' John nodded, probably a little too arrogantly.

'Is this little deal open to us all?' Pol smirked, raising a suggestive eyebrow.

I chuckled and nodded.

'£100 to ANYONE who can beat me'

Arthur grinned wide cracking his knuckles in front of him.

'Move aside lads and lasses, daddy's about to be £100 richer'

Stubzy smirked shaking his head.

'I wouldn't underestimate Emily's skills' He chuckled shaking his head. 'You're forgetting that she was basically raised in the mob'

I rolled my eyes playfully.

'It was hardly the mob. More like a criminally corrupt family at best'

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