21 (Words&Texts)

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Saturday came.

It's Saturday.

"i thought i would die by now" Jin muttered as his brother pat his back encouragingly.

"don't worry, you won't get fired" Jungkook reassured his brother. "oh and by the way if namjoon does fire you, good luck."

"thanks so much" Jin sarcastically said, his heart was pumping and he was breathing heavily. What will happen when namjoon finds out he's Jinhee? Is this the end of their friendship?

All these questions were flowing through Jin's mind constantly. He couldn't back out now. Today was the day.

He looked once more in the mirror then checked his phone


From rm🐣

the party's cancelled
one of my work partners couldn't make it so we decided to postpone it for another day, is that okay

are u joking.
k whatever
i didn't want to go anyway.
Delivered just now

Jin was extremely angry at namjoon. He made him get ready for nothing

Jin looked at jungkook and the younger laughed awkwardly "Yeah I know it's cancelled."

"I'm not talking to namjoon."

The younger laughed at shook his head "I know you like him. Just tell him you're Jinhee I'm getting bored." Jungkook sighed and loosened his tie then flopped onto the couch once again.

"I do like him but it's like a sign from God that he's not allowed to know it's me!"

The younger scoffed "a 'sign'? You know what? I'm giving you a week. If you won't tell namjoon you're Jinhee." He paused and smirked.

"Then I'll just tell him myself."

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