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I got in Zaye's car and She got in on the driver's side and just looked at me. I rolled my eyes "Nigga what?" she smiled. "I missed ya lil bad ass." She started the car and I smiled. "So what's ya problem.?" She asked.

~10 minutes later~

She parked in front of my school. "Well Munch I say go with ya gut feeling. Like if the girl is stuck between you and her first love, let her go because She ain't gone choose you. I'm being deadass. See what the other girl is about. Just don't be no hoe." I scoffed. "Says the player herself." She rolled her eyes. "Girl get out. I have to make it up to my bestfriend." She said licking her lips" I laughed and got out the car. "Nasty ass" I slammed the door and walked inside the school.

I went to my locker and Khadi walked up to me. "Hey baby." She said kissing my cheek. "Hey Khadi" I said dryly. She frowned "What's the matter?" I rolled my eyes. " You and ya first love Like you need to just stop talking to me if you can't decide because I am really feeling you. And the longer you take to chose. The more. I will lose interest in you." I closed my locker and walked off. I'm really tired of her games like they not even funny no more.

I entered my first class and all eyes were on me. "Ms. Kane you're late." I ignored her and sat down. "Aren't I always?" She rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the board.

When class was over, I gathered my stuff and headed for the door. "Ms.Kane. Can I speak to you for a minute?" I groaned and made my way to her desk. "Yes, Mrs.King?" She took a seat. "Listen you're a great kid and all, but you've been slacking the past week or so. Your grades went from All A's to A's and B's. That's not bad, but that's not like you. I'm here to talk if you need anything." I smiled.

"I'm sorry, I just been stressed and worried about other things. I'll do better. I'mma work on it. " She smiled and I got up and walked out the classroom.




"Baby I'm home!" Zaye Yelled. I chuckled and yelled back. "I'm in your room." She came up the stairs. "Why we always fucking in my bed?" She got in and got under the covers. "Well because Every time we do it's when I come home from work. And you're always asleep. She cuddled up to me and laid her head on my stomach. "So how'd it go with Vee?" I asked. She looked up at me. "She just told me about how she's confused as fuck. Your sister doesn't know who she wants."

I rolled my eyes. "Sounds like someone else I know." She sat up. "What did you just say?" She raised an eyebrow. I turned over "Nothing. Go to sleep." She grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "No, say what you just said." I snatched my arm away from her. "I said you so indecisive. You don't know what you want." She sucked her teeth. "Here we go again. What are you trying to get at with this conversation? We argue about this all the fucking time. What's your point." I looked at her in disbelief and chuckled to myself. "You never know what you got until it's gone." I grabbed my blanket and walked out her room slamming the door.

I went to my room and called my friend Riah.

Riah: Wassup baybee.

Me: Hey Riah you tryna go out tonight?

Riah: Uh- oh What She do now?

I smiled

Me: She just so indecisive I am in love with her and she so fucking blind. I just am tired of waiting and chasing her and shit. I need somebody to vibe with.

Riah: I feel ya. You gotta work tonight?"

Me: Imma call in sick. I need a break.

Riah: Okay then Meet me at our office at 8

Me: Alrightt kiddo.


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