Chapter 4 (Namjoon)

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Your POV~~

It was a nice day walking with BTS but I also noticed something strange other than those two idiots -Jungkook and Taehyung- who keep staring me, another pair of eyes was on me. Although he did not keep staring me like those two boys he was quick to catch glances when no one was watching. I didn't notice that until a few minutes passed when everyone was looking at the scenery and I spotted 2 eyes on me. I then observed the rest of the journey and unfortunately, I was right, it was Namjoon staring at me.

I was staring the ceiling sitting on my bed. It just felt awkward and I don't even have a best friend to tell her all my feelings and the happenings of the day. Even my parents don't care about me. Well, how unfair life is. I thought What is the point of living. But then a voice inside me said 'Y/N just live a little maybe you find your happiness.'

Next day at school I again sat with BTS at the lunch table and we walked back home. I laughed with them. Jungkook still stared me sometimes but that feeling is getting fine day by day. Taehyung was still weird around me but sometimes acted like real silly Taehyung, which I really liked. Namjoon still stole glances at me and I noticed them only sometimes.

Others boys were like they are, cute and friendly. But others girls seemed to change. Wherever I go I heard some whispers -actually kind of yelling- saying why is she with them? We are more beautiful. I love my oppas. She is such a b**ch.


Firstly I felt guilty about those voices but now its fine. It has been 2 months of my friendship with BTS and they are super nice. They take care of me, are very friendly and help me whenever I am disturbed by those bitches.

I always talk about food with Jin and we both give new ideas on food😂. I savagely troll the bitches with Suga. I always smile and laugh with the sunshine J-Hope. I go to the library with RM. I act all cute, for making others accept my wishes, with Jimin. I do alien talk with Tae. I play video games with Jungkook. All boys together make me feel special. They are really something special and I now actually have people who I can call friends.

My parents are still not at home but it doesn't matter now because whenever I am bored I go to hang out with boys. But I don't like disturbing them a lot so many times I am still alone at the house, though now I don't cry. Anyhow, I think I have started to love my life and all of it is because of these boys.


It is such a heartwarming thing to write. How BTS change our lives and make us feel special. I always loved how BTS say 'You are beautiful' to all women.

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