Chapter Three

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     Hawkmoth let out a growl as he paced around, feeling slightly nervous.

"I made a mistake," He muttered. "Now he will only get me Ladybug's miraculous. But what about his own ring?"

After a few seconds of silence, his eyes went wide at an idea.

"The girl I akumatized into Riposte," He spoke up.

"...That blue haired girl with brown eyes. There was something special about her when she was akumatized. She fought quite well,"

He looked down at the ground. "I could feel that what Chat noir was upset about was related to this girl. Perhaps he has trust in her," He added with a grin.

"She's been one of my most powerful villians so far," He said, slowly planning out a strategy.

He let one of the many white butterflies around him land in the palm of his hand.

Circling both hands around it, the butterfly was purple by the time he let go of it.

He chuckled. "If I akumatize her without changing her apearance, then no one will notice that she's a villain,"

Hawkmoth watched the butterfly as it flew out of the window.

"Because of his trust in her, he'll be easy to trick, which makes it all easier for her to get both of the miraculouses," He said darkly.

_ _ _

As soon as the purple butterfly was in her sight, Kagami let out a gasp of fear.

She tried to shoo away the purple butterfly, but it kept dodging her hand and flew towards the ring on her finger.

She let out a growl as the akuma faded into the ring. A purple butterfly outline apeared on her face.

She closed her eyes, whining in pain at the fammiliar pain of being akumatized.

"I-I won't let you turn me into a villian again," she said through gritted teeth as she tried to pull of the ring from her finger. The pain in her head was too much, and the ring wasn't moving.

As the pain intensified, she fell to the ground limply, feeling her mind go blank.

"Kagami, I am Hawkmoth," Spoke the dark voice inside her head.

"... I'm not going to give you superpowers, or even change your outfit. I'm akumatizing you, just so later, you can support Chat blanc without being noticed," Hawkmoth explained.

He continued. "Deal?"

Kagami gritted her teeth. "No! I am not going to help you or your villains destroy Paris or hurt its citizens!"

She felt like her head was about to explode as she choked out the words.

"And I-I'm sure that Chat noir is way too strong to fall in your trap and get akumatized!" Kagami shouted, her vision slowly turning blurry.

Hawkmoth growled. "He apparently wasn't,"

In a matter of seconds, Kagami's body was covered in purple bubbles. However, when the bubbles were gone, she was still the same, but her ring was purple.

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