When a ghost snuck around and pissed off an idiot

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Rags knew she shouldn't be here. This was a total invasion of private space. But she couldn't help herself. She was a curious ghost and could only take so much of watching some silly cartoon sponge annoying an extremely big-nosed squid for one day.

She was currently in Archer's bedroom, clearly snooping around where she didn't belong. Cooper's room had been the first to be invaded, where Rags found mostly white cat fur and random cat toys littered all over the floor. The only reason she had to exit that room quickly was because Mr. Sprinkles did not look happy to see her on his turf.

"I preferred it when I could be completely alone in the house and not have a dead girl be all up in my ass," the cat had said, adjusting himself to a more comfortable spot on Cooper's bed before resuming his nap.

Now in Archer's room, Rags learned that he was a business major judging by the textbooks he had on his desk. Next to them was a yellow notepad scribbled with plans for his story, The Bad Boy Gang Leader vs. The Billionaire Alpha on the Quest for the Average Girl's Virginity? or TBBGLvTBAOTQFTAGV? for short. In capital letters was written, "PLOT TWIST: THE GIRL IS ACTUALLY NOT A VIRGIN!" Even though there was zero chance Rags would ever read that story, she did feel a little bad about having the ending spoiled for her like that.

After Rags had seen her fill of Archer's stuff, it was time for Skyler's. However, she was quite hesitant to enter the final bedroom at first, knowing Skyler didn't like her all that much. But it wasn't like he'd ever find out she was here. She couldn't exactly leave her footprints behind. Plus, it was hard to best her growing curiosity. This was the only room in the entire apartment she'd never been in before.

Rags walked through the closed door with ease and got her first ever look into Skyler's personalized area. It was the simplest amongst the three and darkest too. Both the bed sheets and pillows were all black, a great contrast to Archer's simple beige and white and Cooper's extravagant rainbow.

The gray curtains were left closed, blocking out most of the afternoon sunlight. Even though it was hard to maneuver around the dim room, Rags luckily didn't have to worry about bumping into anything. Despite the lack of lighting, she could still recognize the photo frame resting on Skyler's nightstand. It was a picture of his family. Turns out, he had a younger sister.

Rags wondered if she had any siblings too. If she did, she now felt horrible that she'd completely forgotten about him or her. This then led to the thought of her parents. How were they coping with their child's death? It must have been an unimaginably awful thing to have to go through.

"Why did I have to die?" Rags softly said to herself, regret and anger building up toward her current situation.


Hey, do you want me to drive you home?

Rags felt a strong sense of déjà vu turning around at the sound of Skyler's voice. But she had no time to look into what that familiar feeling was as the angered owner of the room quickly approached her. He'd just come home from a long day at school and did not want to be dealing with any meddling ghosts.

"What the hell are you doing in here?"

"I... I'm sorry—"

"Get out."

Rags rushed out of the room, too embarrassed to face Skyler for the rest of the day. She'd just damaged her already bad relationship with him and had no idea how she could possibly ever get close to him like she did with Archer and Cooper. 

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