Perrie's Dress

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Dress shopping used to be easy. However, since Little Mix has become more famous it's not so easy. With all the award shows, late night TV show apperances, etc. I'm wearing a different dress every month.  I have to find a dress like I've never worn before, and I have a little idea on where to start.

I remember when I wore a red dress to the Glamor Women Of The Year Awards. I felt super sexy and looked beautiful. I decide to look for another red dress.  

Once in the right section I begin to look through the racks. I go through rack 1 and find nothing, rack 2, nothing, but then I am half way through the 3rd rack when I spot a candy red strapless evening gown with a right leg slit, and rhinestones right under my bra line. It looks like a beaded belt in a way. I think I have found my dress! I go to the dressing room and try it on. It fits like a glove! I take it off and put my clothes back on. Now to go find the rest of the girls!

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