Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


"Your brother says be ready in five minutes or were all leaving without you and here, wear this." Sage said holding out some clothes. The clothes were white shorts and a pink tank top.

"What is this?" I asked.

"There called clothes, most people wear them." Sage said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes.

"I know what they are. Where'd you get them from?"

"Bentley told me to give you them. Which reminds me, I'm not your damn maid next time go get your clothes yourself." Sage glared.

"Okay, I will. Where are we going?" I said ignoring his attitude.

"First of all there is no 'We'. I don't like to be categorized with you."

"Fine, where are the guys, you and I going?"

"Shopping, every girls favorite past time." Sage said rolling his eyes.

"Well it's not mine."

"Don't care." Sage mumbled pushing past me.

"FYI I also hate the color pink." I yelled just as he slammed the door.


"I sort of like it. What do you think, guys?" My brother asked. We had gone into six different clothing stores, two shoe stores, and now we were in a dress shop. I was wear a black dress, that ended just above my knees, it didn't look to bad on me, I actually kind of like it. My brother told me I had to get a dress or two because there were going to be many family dinners that I would have to attend with a dress. I wasn't at all pleased with wearing a dress but I agreed on the terms of no more shopping after this. He had bought me plenty of stuff.

"I was thinking that maybe we could have a party, so you could meet some new people." Bentley said. Nate rolled his eyes and looked at me.

"You mean the party that you've been planning for the past two weeks now." Nate answered.

"Yeah but it would be a good for her to meet some girls or something. You know she's going to get tired of hanging with all of us boys all the time." Bentley smiled back at me.

"Plus she'll get to meet Sara." Bentley added. Sara? Nate looked down blushing. I wasn't quite sure what was going on.

"If it's okay with Charlie, then it's okay with me." Bentley looked at me and gave me a puppy dog face.

"" He stuttered out. It was so cute, how could I say no. I nodded my head. Bentley jumped up and hugged me.

"You won't regret this. I know you'll...... Got to go." Bentley ran past me were two blonde haired girls were walking past the dress shop.

"You could always wear this dress. It looks really pretty on you." Nate commented.

"Yeah I actually like this dress, it doesn't scream slut but it also doesn't scream virgin." I grinned knowing what reaction Nate would give. I looked at Nate with his jaw clenched.

"Just kidding. Don't worry big bro, I still have my V- card." I laughed. He seemed to relax at my words.

"And besides that Nate, no guy will give her a second glance." Sage said walking into the dress shop. I glared at him. Nate just rolled his eyes.

"You know that's not true, Sage. She looks beautiful." Nate replied smiling back at me. Sage made a noise that sounded like he was gagging or laughing, maybe a mix of both.