Panic Attack

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{Sam Winchester x Female! Reader}
<Warning: Contains Panic Attacks and anxiety. Please don't read if you are not comfortable with this topic>

It had been a very rough week with the boys and hunting this werewolf

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It had been a very rough week with the boys and hunting this werewolf. Dean was being secretive and trying to keep you away from hunting this case. You didn't understand why. And Sam... Sam... he has been trying to keep you at the motel and helping him read the lore and do research. You were getting fed up with it. You were left in the impala as the boys went to kill the werewolf.

You being mad and hearing screams of cry... you broke the impala window and climbed out because dean locked you from the outside. Stupid Fucking Dean you thought. You ran with a gun with silver bullets in it. All of a sudden you get hit in the head.

About 2 hours later you wake up to see the werewolf underneath shade. For some reason he didn't want you to see him yet. Sam and Dean asked if you were ok once they heard you starting to come to.

As you were trying to see what your surroundings were, you then heard a voice that was a little familiar.

?: Oh my love... now I know where you have been...

It was your crazy ex boyfriend Cadmus. You were about to cry because of all of the bad memories you had with him. He saw this and then walked towards you because he still "loves" you. Sam and Dean were trying to break free but they couldn't this time. They were chained, you were roped. You were very scared. You started to scream for help and then all of a sudden your ex was killed before he cut you.

You look up to see Castiel. You then help Dean and Sam get out of their restraints.
As you guys were driving to the bunker you were trying to calm down. You didn't know why but you were so nervous on who else would find you. By the time you and the boys got to the bunker you ran inside and went to your room. The boys didn't know what just happened so Sam ran after you while Dean and Cas looked to see if you went anywhere else. When you got to our room you slammed the door and locked it. You ran to your bed and started to have trouble breathing. You couldn't hear nothing over your breathing. You were hyperventilating and also crying your eyes out. You didn't think you were that loud until Sam banged on your door see if you are ok.

Sam: (Y/N)!! Come on open the door let me help you.

You cry more. He is just so nice to you. All of them are and you never felt more at home. You couldn't bring yourself to put your burden on their shoulders.

Sam: listen to me. Everything is going to be ok. Ok? Just breath... listen to the sound of my voice. Think of something that calms you. Just focus on my voice alright? Everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok...

After ten minutes you came out of our room with a red face with tear stains and hugged Sam as if you were going to lose him.

You: Thank you
Sam: Anything for you

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