(26) Batter

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Age: 17


"Let's bake some cupcakes!" You say excitedly, standing up from the couch and looking down on Hiro who was sitting lazily on the said couch.

His body got buffer than his scrawny self back when he was still 14 all because of fighting crime with the other members of the Big Hero 6. His appearance was still the same, but he just got maturer than before.

Long story short, he looked hot at the least. (OMYGOD WHY ME)

But sadly, the both of you were still best friends.

His eyes shifted towards you as he stared warily and sighed.

"You sure you won't make a mess?" Hiro asked, raising an eyebrow while looking at you with a serious face.

You snickered slightly while your hand was covering your mouth, muffling the sound as he noticed your doings, narrowing his eyes at you. 

You shook your head while having an amused smile tugging on your lips. You dismissed his seriousness with your hand and grinned.

"Yeah!" You chirped.

*       *       *

You pulled you hair in a messy bun (If you have short hair, then just clip it with a clamp) and ran towards the kitchen.

You saw Hiro come in the kitchen, heading to take an apron but you ran again and got to what he wanted faster.

"(Nickname).." He whined, pouting and crossing his arms.

You fake pouted, playing along, teasing him and held the blue apron beside you, dangling it.

You blinked innocently while having a mischievous smile. "What ever could you mean Hiro~?" You purred, mimicking his voice when it came to his name.

He blushed and scoffed,
"Come on! You could just have the other! Besides, you're a girl!" He said, trying to get the apron out of your hands.

You smirked and shook your head, hiding the blue apron behind your back.

"Nope." You replied flatly, teasing him again.

"You go get the pink one. Besides.." You continue, mimicking his voice earlier.

You leaned forward, poking his chest with your index finger and whispered in his ear.

"You look cute in it~"

Much to your amusement, he blushed very darkly, the tips of his ears going red along with his face. He probably thinking that you were too close to his ‘personal space’ as you liked to call it.

*       *       *

You were sitting on the table, staring at the book on your hands, which was covering your face.

A cooking book..

You turned on a random page as you peeked through the book and at Hiro, who was mixing the batter, his back facing you as the pink strings of the apron was tied loosely around his back.

He was just the one making the batter while you wait and not 'disturb him' in his ‘work.’

He said that you were just going to help him bake later.

You smirked as an idea came into your mind.

"Hey Hiro~!" You sang as jumped down table, walking towards him.

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