Chapter 6

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Ahhhh my head... why does it hurts too much! Ahhh..
I thought.

My eyes just got open and none other but my fathers worried facial and Jungkook? Is standing there.

I tried to get my vision out of the blurness as I tried to rub on my eyes.

I sat up as I frowned. Jungkook sighed "G-get fresh.." he stuttered. My father glared at him.

What's going on?


Jungkook carried you in his arms, smiling warmly, now walking towards the castle.

When he went to find the water for you, he actually opened the tube of some medicine your dad gave and drunk it. But he didn't gulped it in. When you asked him about water, he kissed you, not because of something. But because he wanted to give that medicine to you. He didn't had spoon and since you're a princess, he couldn't let you drink through the bottle.

In order to delete a memory from a persons mind, there's another one. He gave it to you because he didn't wanted you to remember that he kissed you.


"What the fuck happened yesterday.." You said as clipping your bra. "And why my lips feel so soft.." you narrowed your eyes as you crossed your arms over your chest.

Now hearing a knock knock on the door, you went to pick your dress up from the maid. "Ah Jenny you're lat-... JUNGKOOK?!" You're standing in front of the boy now only in your undergarments.

He eyed you up and down and smirked. You're heart started beating faster. He reached your left ear and whispered. "Long legs.." He Said "ahhh that's a compliment or- "shhh.." He shushed you.

You both were now gazing at each other's eyes. His hands went up your face as you closed your eyes due to the warmth of his palms. He grabbed a strand of your damped hair and tucked it beside your ear.

"Here" He Said as he handed you the black dress. "Uh, why this?" You asked. Now annoyed. "It's not for today. It is, for the gala that's being held tomorrow."

"Oh is it?" You smiled widely. "Hahaha.. I guess I'll be eating breakfast in my undergarments right?" You laughed. He laughed aswell. "Haha.. yes.." he said in between his laughs. "Hahah.. WHAT??" You grabbed his collar. "You, Damn you junglecock." He raised his eyebrows. "Don't be oversmart with me." You said.

"Okay." He raised his hands up in surrender. "Okay, okay. Princess. You won." You smiled in victory and for a few minutes, he got lost in that smile.

"Princess, your dress is in the bathroom's cupboard" He whispered. "I'll wear I-

"I mean.." he cut you off. "Don't do it if you wan-

"No no no! What's with my bodygaurd being all flirty today..." You mumbled while smiling.
"I... heard that.


You pushed him out of the bathroom and locked the door. Your heart was a beating mess. What just happened? You thought, now quickly getting in the soft laced? Like dress. And it fits you well. When you got out of the bathroom, Jungkook grabbed your waist and slammed you lightly onto the wall, slamming himself onto you. "Ah.." you moaned a little because it hurts first. "I thought t-that you went out..?" You asked. "I wasn't." He cooed.

"And What is this kind of dress? Why would my bodygaurd will give me an exposing af dress?" You crossed your arms over your chest.

"That's why I came here, princess." He whispered as he grabbed your waist, turning you over so you're facing him now. He grabbed your hands, lifting them upwards as he pulled the black coat on you. You felt a shiver went down your spine. The coat was warm. He suddenly hugged you tight.


"Good bye.. princess." He smiled as he let go of the hug and stared at you. He kissed your forehead, then your nose, lightly, and then both of your cheeks. You didn't wanted this moment to end. You just let him do what he wanted.

"Never had I ever kissed someone like that.. but.. it's not the same with you." You got shocked and look him in the eyes until his lips touched yours. He was kissing you softly. You grabbed his collar and kissed him back. He entered his tongue inside your mouth, twerling it around. You usally don't let someone kiss you and push them away but with him, It felt right.

He let go of you as you stared at him. He ruffled your hair and got out of the room.

When he finally left, you screamed. "I GET TO KISS MY CRUSH..!!"


Climbing down the stairs, you looked at every thing on the table. Pizza, wow. You loved it. But why it's not a salad today? And where's Jungkook?

"He's gone."


"Jungkook is gone. Y/n."



"Dad! Why did you make him leave..." you were crying. "It's because when he came with you last night, you was unconscious and that's not what I hired him for. I hired him to keep you save!"

"HIRED MY ASS DAD!" You shouted

You ran out of the castle. Now there's no Jungkook to chase after you and bring you back.

Tomorrow, on the breakfast table, there was a huge bowl of salad. There's no Jungkook to feed you pizza.

At the bathroom, the maid's back with the heavy dresses your tired of. There's no Jungkook to get you light ones.

There's no Jungkook.

He's gone.

He's gone...


1 Week Later:


You were walking on the streets. Guess why? You don't usally walk though. So that you could buy novels.

Suddenly someone grabbed your waist. And the hands were warm. "Leave me!" A man in the black suit got you and now, was dragging you with him. "I said let go of me!" You shouted again as he slammed you onto the tree, his nose touches yours through his mask.

"Voice down, princess."


I'm sorry for not updating to much! Oh but looks like someone has kidnapped the princess ;))

Long chapter for you guys..!

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