Chapter 24

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-John P.O.V-

You take out a small box and open it up, inside is a teal lizard, that hops onto the bed and shape shifts back into the form of your friend.

"Isn't this exciting Terezi? Your first sleep over in six years!" She tells you to keep your voice down, you refuse to just to bug her. The door suddenly opens.

"Hey John, who do you want to- Oh, hello there." Jake, why did it have to be Jake, he can't keep this a secret.

"Okay, I can't keep this a secret any longer. Say hi Terezi." Terezi refuses to say anything.

"Terezi? Oh my gosh! Latula's sister, I remember when you both were tiny. You've been together like this ever since. That's adorable."

"Hey!" Terezi shouts with a huff. You sigh.

"Can we have a brief meeting in the living room? Just to let everyone know."

"I don't see why not, but we might have to wait for Kankri to come back." Jake eventually just lets you do it, someone can just get Kankri and this new guy up to speed on things. You gather everyone in the living room and introduce them to Terezi. Dirk does a quick security sniff, he apparently likes her because he starts nuzzling her after. Kankri eventually comes back with a screaming kid who's roughly your age, you watch as Kankri sets the kid next to Cronus, and a family reunion happens. Sollux seems a bit uneasy, while Terezi started sniffing Dirk back, man she's weird. The TV suddenly turns on, there's an option for a video call with 'AR', Kankri answers it. A nervous looking man is on the other side.

"Hello, my name is Equius Zahhak, I seem to be in possession of-" He gets cut off by a robotic sounding voice.

"Dude, let me do the talking. So Kanks, where the hell is Dirk?" The voice seems familiar, but you can't place it.

"He's here, but it's a bit complicated."

"Why the hell does Bro have his phone!?" Dave speaks up.

"Bro happened. He apparently wanted to sacrifice me in some cult ritual, but Dirk stopped him from taking me. Now both my brothers are demons, they've been demons for two years. Not only that, but Dirk isn't exactly himself anymore." Yikes, this is a bit awkward. The call ends as suddenly as it started.

"So, anyone else have issues they want to get out? Don't worry, this is an accepting place." Roxy says to try and break the ice.

"I died in a car accident." Terezi speaks up. It eventually turns into confession time with Roxy and who can one up each other with their problems.

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