Chapter 70: Sinister Smile

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“What happened to Mira?”

“She died,” Zayn whimpered before his voice broke into a sob. “And it was my fault. I killed her… I killed my Mira.”




Its funny isn’t it? How the things we regret the most are not the things we’ve done, but the things we haven’t, but could have.

Had the probability of the countless of different choices you could have made, kept you up at night? Ever wondered how different your life could be if you had gathered your courage to stand up for yourself, to speak to that special person, to take that one risk?

The worst form of regret is the choices we could have made, choices that would have taken our lives down a completely different route. Choices we would have made if we knew what we know now…

“… I killed Mira.”  Those three words knocked the air out of Evelyn's lungs. She sat there silently for a moment or so as she watched tears coated the tanned skin of Zayn’s face.

Her little human heart was racing at a speed that alerted her body’s fight or flight instinct. Her hands were trembling, itching to scram onto her feet and run, as fast as she humanly could and put as much distance between herself and Zayn.

He killed her,’ she thought with a horrifying realisation. ‘He killed Mira, he killed his first love! How could he kill the woman he loved?’ But her conscience knew the answer to that question.

He’s Zayn.

He’s capable of anything.

Killing anyone!

She knew, deep down, she was no exception to his cruelty and sadistic violence. Hell, there were times in the past when she was sure she would die at his hands. Like that morning, when he forced himself into her mouth and took pleasure from her reluctant body.

A shiver slithered down her spine as she remembered the way his tip hit the back of her throat. The feel of his hard, length filling her mouth, the way he stretched her with his size, the sheer power of his movements. The way he dominated her, controlled her, treated her as if she was nothing but a doll, an animal… he degraded and objectified her body to a point beyond the line, even beyond her ability to tolerate.

She remembered the darkness in his eyes, and the look of pure lust when he looked down at her, thrusting himself into her mouth, grunting and moaning… She was sure he would break her with his strength, his inability to control his emotions and his naturally vicious ways.

She was sure he would take her life—either deliberately or accidentally—the night at the motel, and she was sure her life would the end when he forced her onto her knees and used her.

As the news settled in, she realised that she was not surprised at all by the fact Zayn had killed his first love, because in that back of her mind, she knew that one day, it was entirely possible she would die at his hands as well.

“Are you scared?” he asked in a broken voice after a few moments of silence.

Reminiscing Mira had torn down every single one of Zayn’s natural protective barriers. As he glanced into Evelyn's eyes, each and every one of emotions bared themselves to her. The pain, sorrow, self hatred, love, lust, anger, desperation… everything, Evelyn felt like she was looking into his soul.

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