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The boys absolutely killed at the show. I knew they were nervous beforehand, but you could never have known watching from the audience. I was pleased because all of the wardrobe changes went smoothly. Katie and Samantha were off making sure that all the clothes got cleaned before the next show, and I was waiting for the boys outside of their dressing room. 

"You guys were so good!" I squealed when they emerged. "Congratulations!" 

Niall pulled me into a hug. "And we looked super good too. Thanks to you!"

I blushed and looked at my feet. "No one even noticed your clothes. They were too focused on your awesome performance!"

"Not true!" Liam firmly, throwing his arm around Claire. "They loved when we came out looking all dressed up. Give yourself some credit, Gem."

"Time to go boys! You have five minutes to talk to fans and then I want you on your bus. Gemma come walk with me," Paul yelled out. I walked over to him and we followed the boys outside. "The clothes looked great!" He said as we stopped to watch the boys talk to fans. 

"Thanks!" I replied. "I'm guessing that's not what you wanted to talk to me about."

"No." He grinned and leaned in a little closer. "We've started planning our end of tour prank on the boys. Your participation is mandatory."

"You're planning the prank already?" I exclaimed.

"It's a big one. Rehearsal starts next week," he said seriously. "I'll text you the location and time as it approaches."

He yelled at the boys to get a move on and within the hour I was sinking back on my bed at the hotel. Samantha and Katie were at the bar downstairs so I had the room to myself. 

Zayn Malik: Guess who's not on vocal rest anymore :)

Gemma Carlisle: I don't know. I'm kind of tired...

Zayn Malik: Seriously? :(

Gemma Carlisle: KIDDING. Did you kick Harry and Niall out yet?

A few seconds later there was a knock on my door. I set my phone down and walked over to open it. 

"We're supposed to switch room keys with you," Harry huffed, holding his key in front of him.

I laughed at his expression and walked back inside, motioning for them to follow. "You don't look very happy about it."

"We were just shoved out the door!" Niall whined. "I didn't even get to grab my pajamas..."

"You sleep in your boxers!" I exclaimed. 

"Most nights," he corrected. "It would be nice to have the option of pajamas."

I grabbed my purse and threw my phone into it. I gave Niall a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm sorry about your pajamas. If it makes you feel better, I plan on sleeping in nothing at all!" I said, leaving the two of them laughing as I walked out the door. 

I slid the key Harry had given me through the slot and the door unlocked. Zayn was wearing basketball shorts and his oversized glasses. I loved when he wore those instead of his contacts. "Hi babe. Come snuggle with me?"

I happily bounded over and laid beside him on the bed. I buried my face into his bare chest and soaked in his scent. He smelled like Armani cologne, leather, and moonlight. It was a scent that was entirely his own and I loved it. "You're wearing your glasses."

He kissed my temple. "My contacts were irritating me."

"You look good with glasses. So hipster- hot," I laughed, tracing a design on his arm. "You should wear them more often."

"Whatever you want, love," he murmured into my ear. 

I shivered at the feel of his breath on my neck. "I want you," I replied.

He pressed his lips to my neck, making his way across my collarbone then back up to my face. I was practically quivering with anticipation by the time his lips met mine. He licked my lips, asking for entry which I happily gave him. He tasted like his favorite cinnamon gum, a taste that I had grown to love these past few weeks. Our kisses had always been stolen during the breaks in the studio, which meant this was the first time in twelve days that we were together alone for more than a few minutes. I guided his hands to the bottom of my shirt and he gently pulled it over my head. 

His eyes widened at the sight of my black lacy bra. "You are ravishing," he murmured, kissing his wave all the way down to my navel. 

"I have matching panties on. Want to see?" I giggled. 

He did get to see, and a few moments later he got to see what they looked like on the floor. An hour and a half later when we were too tired to even move I snuggled into his side, absolutely content. Zayn wrapped his arm around me, holding me closer to him. "I love you."

"I love you too," I sighed happily. I ran my finger over one his tattoos. "What does it mean?"

"Be true to who you are. It's in Arabic," he replied, twirling my hair in his other hand. He released my hair and ran a finger over my own tattoo, which was on my hip. "What about yours?"

"One is a raven, the other is a dove. The raven is symbol for protection, and the dove represents love. I got it a week after my parents died," I answered.

"It's beautiful. Just like you," he said. 

I yawned, entwining my leg with his beneath the covers. "You're cheesy."

"You love it," he teased gently. 

"I love you," I said again before I finally drifted into a peaceful sleep.

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