Chapter LXXX VI

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The dinner was set and Mrs

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The dinner was set and Mrs. Trudor stood back watching to see if Edna would use the right utensils and I had flashbacks to when I was being taught myself.

"Uh this one," Edna said about the soup and Mrs. Trudor walked looked over and nodded and I did not interfere the teaching as long as Mrs. Trudor was around.

"Mrs. Trudor has been a great teacher," I said complimenting both of them.

"Yes she has been," Edna said taking up the soup to her mouth.

"You should be proud Mrs. Trudor," I looked back at her face and she nodded trying hard to not feel proud of her accomplishment.

Once the dinner was over with Mrs. Trudor, Edna and I were around the piano trying to learn new music when the new lady's maid Henrietta approached us.

"Lady Alice there is someone here to see you," Henrietta said and my hopes were that she would say Mr. Howard, that he had read my letter and was here to talk about it.

"Mr. Henry milady."

"Tell him to come in," I said and did not ask them to leave me.

"Lady Alice," Mr. Henry walked in on all of us four ladies together in the drawing room.

"Yes Mr. Henry."

"Uh I see you are doing well as mother told me."

"Yes I am," I signaled for him to have a seat.

"Uh well I wanted to talk to you about a delicate matter," Mr. Henry then made sure to tell me he needed them to leave.

"Uh Mrs. Trudor, Henrietta you may go," I asked them politely but Mrs. Trudor was not happy about it as Edna stayed behind when we were alone with only Edna I asked him. "Why are you here?"

"Because we must do something about an urgent matter, something that pertains only to us as we are soon to be married," he still did not wish for Edna to be there.

"You will have to say it in front of her or else..."

Mr. Henry grabbed me by the arm and took me to the other side of the room so no ear would hear us and Edna was about to scream at him when I shook my head violently at her not to.

"Edna, no..." I asked her and she stayed in place watching Mr. Henry threaten.

"I need money."

"What for?"

"I need money now; I was called into a business venture that cannot wait until we are married."

"Does your mother know about this?"

"I am my own man my mother does not need to sanction everything I do."

"Then no."


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