The Backstory

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OK guys I'm just going to start this out by saying thank you so much for giving my story a chance. And if there are any grammatical errors please feel free to inform me of those. Also there will be mature language in this book. This chapter will be about werewolf history in my book so none of you get confused. The main character is this book are Maggie which is who most of the story's viewpoint will be by and Aiden who is well... I'll let you find out who he is later on... So yeah sorry to bore you all so...*cough*..... ONTO THE STORY!!

The Legend Of The Devonshire Wolf _________________________________________________________

The Moon Goddess just started out as an average everyday teenage girl named Daphne. She was the kindest most amazing person in her village. Always helping everyone she could. She was born in Devon in the county of Shire in Europe around the late 1000's. No one knows the exact date because it was such a long time ago but her story has never faltered from the original. She was just a girl with a passion for the moon that was was found strange by the rest of her village mates. She would go out into the night that the moon was full and stare at it until the sun would peak over the horizon. One night something happened while she was out watching the moon. A women approached her. She was an old women but not the creepy kind. The kind that bakes you cookies that make you feel like your insides got shot will heaven. Anyway, long story short she was a witch but not a bad one. She had observed her throughout the entire year and said the she was deserving of a magical gift. The women said the she would bestow her the gift of the moon. She could choose one patron animal and that would be her symbol. Since she had a love for the moon she chose the animal that worshipped it as much as she did. The wolf. She granted a certain race of humans the ability to shift into a wolf and called them werewolves. She gave them mates so they will never be lonely. From then on she has been known as the Moon Goddess. She said that until a wolf is 18 they cannot find their mate and cannot find their wolf's true form so they will all be stuck will one single wolf until they become of age ( pictured above). Sometimes that is a wolf's true form and they never change but for most they usually do. But what most people don't know is that the Witch gave the Moon Goddess a prophecy. Even though she made Daphne immortal she said that eventually her powers will diminish. She said that one day an orphaned, alpha child will rise up and take it's rightful place as God over all. Even other supernatural races. This wolf will be the largest to ever roam and will be the darkest shade of black that it sometimes looks blue. The tips of every strand of fur on the wolf will be the precious metal gold. Along with the striking appearance the wolf will have powers. It will start of with just elemental powers but then it will manifest until every power known and even some unknown will be bestowed on the child. This child will have to face the great evil that will rise up upon the weakening of the Moon Goddess along with their mate. This wolf will have a simple almost unnoticeable marking right behind their earlobe as well as their mate. It will be a simple crescent moon. This wolf will be the savior of all. This wolf will be known as the Devonshire wolf in honor of the Moon Goddess' birthplace. But that's not the only reason behind the peculiar name. This is the Prophecy that no matter how hard people may try will always come true.

*Maggie POV*

"MAGGIE COURTNEY THYME IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR ASS UP AT THIS VERY MOMENT I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE SURE THAT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IS A LIVING HELL!" was the very first thing I heard from my adoptive mother this morning so I guess you can say my day's of to a great start. What up I'm Maggie. I'm 16 and I never fucking learned how to read. (vines be life) I'm a werewolf and so are my adoptive parents Catherine and Felipe. So I guess you can say that *cue Feliz Navidad music * Felipe's not my dad. Although they don't know that I'm a wolf and I don't plan on them finding out anytime soon. The reason behind that is because I'm a rouge and because of who I am but that's a story for another time. (literally lol)

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