Chapter 1 - You get Her tiger!

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* If You Only Knew. *

"Jordan!" I turned around to see my bestfriend; James Sullivan or as we know him as Jimmy Sullivan running down the hallway in a bright orange camodo , bright blue dicky shorts and striped socks with sandels. "Jimmy, what're you wearing dude?" I laughed , looking he up and down. "Something new, I hate beginning normal!" He shouted and threw me over his shoulder. "Jimmy!" I yelled, hitting his back. "Here Matt take her!" He handed me over to my brother ; Matt. Matt smiled down at me. "Hey boobear" he smirked, calling me my childhood name. "Zack! Take BooBear!" Matt shouted, Zack smirked and took me into his arms. "Boobear!" He laughed and kissed my cheek. "Shut it ChubbyWubby." I grabbed his cheek and squeezed it like old people do. "Because you said that, I'm going to drop you." "JIMMY! JIMMY! JAMES SULLIVAN!" I screamed, and then I droped to the cold floor. I brushes myself off and walked over to Jimmy who was staring at something. "Jimmy! Earth to Jimmybear .." I snapped my fingers in front of his face. "Huh, oh yeah. Hey BooBear. " "whatcha staring at?" I stood on my tiptop to look him in the eyes. "That new girl, Saylee. She's beautiful." He said in awe. I felt my heart break. "Oh yeah, I heard she's already captain of the Cheerleadering team and she doesn't talk to people like us" Lie. Saylee Chang is the sweetest girl you could ever know. "I don't care, she's going to be mine." He said in a low monotone voice. "You get her tiger" I smiled. I wad still going to support him even though I was practically in love with him since 3rd grade. He smiled and brought me into a hug. "Hey sexy Momma." I heard Brian's warm voice whisper down my neck. "Hello Bri." I turned and looked at him. "No hey pretty boy today?" He frowned. "That's always gets me through the day." He said, using his big beautiful brown eyes to look sad. "I'm sorry Bri" I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his stomach. "Can you guys stop flirting for 2.5 seconds?" Jimmy said, cracking a smile. "James Owen! How dare you say I like Brian!" I gasped dramatically. The bell rang signaling time for first period which was Algebra with Jimmy. He grabbed my arm and we raced down the hallway, getting yelled at by a few teachers but hey, nobody got hurt! We sat in the back, in our usual seats. "Boobear, do you see that dude up there?" Jimmy whispered into my ear. "Who? Jake?" I looked at him, he nodded "well, he is staring at you." He grinned. "I don't like him Jimmy, he's a jerk off." Jimmy sighed. "Jordan, babe, every Guy isn't like Joey, you need to Learn tha-"

He got cut off. "Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Sanders, care to say what was so important you had to interrupt my lesson?" Mrs. McNeil sneered. "Well Mrs. McNeil, this lesson was boring so we wanted to talk." He smirked. "Well, James and Jordan, you can talk in the Principles office" I shrugged and grabbed my bag, also grabbing Jimmy's hand. "Byyyyyyyyyyyyyye!" We called out, slamming the door. "Wanna go to my house? Mom's not home." Jimmy asked looking down at me. "Give me a piggy back ride?" He chuckled and nodded. "Why do you like your hair like that?" I asked. "I dunno, I like it." He knelt down and I got on. "You should dye it black" "why?" I felt my cheeks go read "it would look good on you.." I stuttered. "Oh.. I will." I smiled and rested my head in his back.

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