Chapter one

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Jenny's point of view:
Oh wow. A new year of school! I hope it's not too hard.... but at least I won't be new here. It could get terrible for the new kids, especially with the Pops.....

Julia's POV
Holy fuck. Just, holy fuck. I can not believe that I have to go to some pussy new school again. Stupid world. Stupid fucking world,
Let's just hope that not everyone is a pussy, but what're the chances of that??? Freaking world!
I opened up Discord, a chat app that me and some friends go on often.
I went onto the server I own, And opened up a chat, "Generaleau".
Clean comf: I honestly don't see why the world doesn't just die
Fucking die world, die!!
Wii: I know man but at least me and Miranda are coming with you
Amy: poor kiddos
Wii: worries quietly
Amy: dont
Clean comf: why
Wii: I had a dream where we were walking by these slutty girls and they were making fun of us and then julia turned around and then it changed
Clean comf: brook don't worry
Anyone fucks with us and I'll turn them into a human piñata and use their collar bones as a beatin stick
We'll be fine
Amy: but aren't these people well
Wii: yea ull probably kill them :77
Clean comf: then maybe I'll use a new method.... mayhem!;))77
Wii: good luck you dirty penguin
Amy: have a good time being a serial killer!;777
Clean comf: cackles
Ima fucking live
Night y'all
Wii: goodnight
Amy: night.

I walked out to the road to wait for the bus. I yawned. Goddamn fucking school, it'll never be pleasant.
I made sure I had my phone, headphones and charger. This bus better have spare seats.
In a few minutes the bus pulled up, and I stepped on. I did a .36 scan of the seats, and sat in a seat surrounded by empty ones. It's not that I'm especially a hermit, I just have to be semi-alone with my music in the morning.

I took out my headphones and started up my music app. I put my headphones in my ears and started Halsey, Hold Me Down.
In a few minutes I took out my kit with mascara, eyeshadow, deodorant and lip stuffs. Just like on my other bus, on the way I school i'd usually just put on some eyeshadow, mascara and secretly put on deodorant. It worked, obviously, because well, seriously, look at me.
I always make sure that it's not overly noticeable, like if somebody walking in the hall looks at me for a second the quantity doesn't catch there attention.
When done, I put everything away and continued zoning out into my special music abyss. By now, the bus had started to fill up with more kids, and I held onto my bag. Not in a worried looking way, fuck no, but I have probably more experience than anyone the things children are capable of.
Example: once at my old school, me and my friend Miranda were doing these super important LA projects on the computers, when some tit bitch hacked her. They kept just randomly writing bursts of letters in the middle of the work, but I easily found who it was. I probably can't use any names, but so one girl came over and said "what's wrong Miranda?" In that stupid amateur trying-to-conceal voice that I maybe twice used in the lower grades. But on me it worked;77.
Anyways, she says it, and Miranda is really getting upset and tells her, and I'm getting fucking pissed off, and I can see the smile on her face. That stupid thing that to me says: "haha I'm just a worthless twat that desperately attempts to be cool by doing something a grade primary could with ease and I think it's funny and can't even tell that someday I'll probably piss somebody off so much I get throat punched but hey, look how good I'm doing now!"
And i start madly looking around in sort of this disbelief trance that anyone actually does this, and I meet eyes with this other girl for like one second and seriously, bitch, if you have that smile on, and your practically laughing right now, and you say "what?" While starting to laugh when I barely looked at you, you are literally dumber than a clam. Fucking moron.
And so then, I asked Miranda, and I went onto her computer and typed in the message
"Hey you stupid pathetic wannabe hacker. The real people are trying to work now!"
Or something along those lines, like that, and you know what else?
In about 20 seconds, Miranda said that she could hear this other girl say, quote, "that's not very nice!."
Like why do they even exist?
Anyways, I held onto my bag and got my stuff all ready. I'd scoped out the town before, and could tell that I was close to the school. I put my phone and headphones away, and made sure that my hair was okay.
Suddenly I heard a snicker. A very fucking snide one. I look over to a nearby seat, and sure enough there sat a few, bitchy looking girls, caked in makeup.
They looked straight at me, and laughed again. I gave them a look that said, "really?" With a sort of sneer, and said, "what?"
A blonde one smirked at me.
"Got enough ugly on there?"
And they laughed some more.
I smiled dazzlingly.
"Got enough crumpled dollar bills in that fifth-hand thong there?"
They gasped. I winked and smirked happily. Yeah, if I lasted this long without punching a teacher, I'll be fucking damned if I let some white trash wannabe model get the best of me, or even any of me.
I sat back in my seat, smiling to myself.
Yeah, I think this may prove to be fun.

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