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"You just can't be fixed," played over and over in my head. I can't believe I said that. If he could be fixed...did I just ruin it. Will I never see him again? I don't want that to happen. Will he find some else...who gives him sex and loves him? I wanna be that man... No one will take him away from me. I jump out of bed and grab my phone. I click his contact and call. Waiting...waiting...waiting...he finally picks up. "Yes?" "Joonie... I can't." I suddenly start tearing up. "Are you okay?" I hold the phone away from my face, crying into the palm of my hand. How did I become so in love.. "Jin? Do I need to go check on you? Jin? I'm heading there," he speaks through the phone. His voice was sweet. He was definitely worried.

I open my door after hearing a few knocks. Namjoon stands there with a stuffed animal. It's a cute, white bunny. "Are you okay.." I look up at him. Without thinking, I jump on him, hugging him tightly. He wraps his arms around me, gaining his balance and keeping us from falling. "I think I have fell deep in love with you..and I know this was such a quick realize, but I really do and I don't want to leave you." Namjon takes a deep breath, with his face nuzzled in the crook of my neck. "Let's stay together." He says, muffled by my neck. "Okay."

The moonlight shinning through my windows hit my beautiful boyfriend's face, making him glow. His smooth cheeks being pet by the back of my fingers. He sleeps peacefully in my bed.

I wake up with Namjoon all over me. His leg is wrapped around me, along with his arms. I love this..I feel so warm. My phone, out of the blue, rings so loud. I reach for it on my night stand and look at the contact. Its Namjoon's boss...Why would he call me? I answer and place the phone against my ear. "Hello?" I hear a deep sigh. "I never thought I'd need you and Namjoon so bad. We need you both back here in a jiffy." He hangs up real quick. I look over at Namjoon, who's eyes are wide open. "Who was that?" He asks. "That was your boss...he needs us." His face brightens up. "Really?! Oh my god! Thank the lord." He gets up off my bed and grabs his phone. "3 miss calls. This man is desperate." He smiles down at his phone. "We didn't even have to try getting our job back."


"You ready, Jin?" Namjoon asks, hand on the doornob, ready to leave. I fast walk over to him, grabbing my phone. I look up at him and smile. "Ready." He smiles back, then pecks my lips. "Let's go to work then.We arrive at work and head to our offices, that we have already decorated back up.


"Jin, are you still trying to fix me?" Namjoon says breaking the silence as we sit on a park bench. I sigh deeply, "no baby, there's nothing I need to fix." I look at him with a big smile. He about tears up, looking at me with joy plastered all over his face. His arms wrap around me tightly. I giggle, "I love you Namjoon." He finally gives up, crying all over my shoulder.

Our hands intertwine, as we walk down the sidewalk. This date has been the best date I've ever been on. He spoiled me, we talked about how we really feel about each other and how much we love each other. "Jin, I want to marry you." I stop in my tracks.

Short chapter, I know, but I will be working on this story a whole lot more, now that I have finished "Boy Meets Evil." Thanks for reading and have a great day~

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