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"Mommy!" Noah cried as soon as he saw me in the doorway of Jimin's house. He hurriedly tried to shake off Jimin just to hug my knees as he cried, "Mommy, where did you go?"

"Hera! I just made him stop crying." Jimin whined as he turned to look at me, seeing how messed up I was. "Jesus Christ. Which rabbit hole did you crawl into?"

I carefully took Noah in my arms and held him. I sat down beside my best friend, Jimin, and I told him everything that happened. How I escaped from the wedding hall and ended up crashing a private party which my ex husband was attending. He listened to me from beginning to end and only spoke when I was done.

"So this stranger helped you and drove you here?" Jimin questioned and I nodded the looked at Noah who was snuggled against my chest, comfortably sleeping after crying so much. "I'm glad it wasn't that trash ex husband of yours who drove you home or I would've choked him with my thigh."

I sadly smiled through it all. "I don't really care about anyone else right now. I'm fine as long as Noah is okay."

Jimin softly pats my head and I leaned against his chest. "He will be fine. Stay here in the meantime." He added, "You and Noah can sleep in the guest room."

He helped me carry Noah to the bed and tuck him in safely. Comfort rushed over my body as I look at my baby. Even his breathing can make my day in an instant. Jimin stood beside me and told me that I did great. I feel the tears pricking at my eyes and I start to feel heavy in my chest as I'm about to burst in tears. I wrapped my arms around his back and muffled my sob against his chest which I know he hates the most but he still puts up with it anyway.

"I hate to ruin the moment for you, sweetheart but you know I'm gay, right?" Jimin softly said as to not wake up Noah. "Your boobs are pressing on me and I just can't- ugh, they're gross."

I chuckled as he shivered and his face scrunched up. I released him and stepped away. "Alright. I won't hug you. Thanks for letting us stay here Jimin."

"Aw, no problem. I already have three cats. What's two more to feed, right?" Jimin said as I close the door shut.

"Ha ha. You're real funny." Was my sarcastic remark. "Admit it it's because you're in love with me all along."

"What if I am?" Jimin's expression turned serious all of a sudden. He saw the nervous look on my face. "Bitch you thought! Like I'd even touch your fugly boobs."

"Park Jimin!" I flailed my arm towards him and failed to hit him since he was quick to dodge.

"Shush!" Jimin scolded me because I yelled so loud and forgot about sleeping Noah. "Shut you trap if you don't want to watch Dibo the gift dragon all night."

We both silently laughed at each other then he let me take a shower in his room since I can't make noise where Noah was sleeping. I wore his pajamas and his shirt, having nothing under. He wouldn't care anyway. He's as gay as Starbucks unicorn drink. I know that much since I've been with him for seven good years. We became friends when he moved next door and he was so quiet that I thought he was mute.

I found out he as gay when we were at that one party. Seven minutes in Heaven. He and I got caught an locked in my friend's bedroom. I was a bit drunk and maybe a little too horny but he was so reserved and shy so I made the move. I kissed him and pushed him on the bed. The look on his face was pure shock as he blurted out a confession that he is in fact gay.

The memory never fails to cheer me up when I'm down. He never fails to be that person who will always stand by me even when Noah was born and we were kicked out of Jiyoung's house. My family was in a slump. Guess who made a way so Noah will not starve? Jimin did everything. My mother cannot afford both sending Jungkook to school and raising Noah. I cannot find work yet because I just gave birth and also, Jiyoung's family black listed me with their connections.

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