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It has now been two months since the Cullen's left, after me and Embry hanged out that one day we became something like best friends.

Yes, I still completely felt the heartbreak that Jasper left and I don't think it will ever go away, but Embry dulled the feeling of it.

I woke up one night at around 3am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I just read books and watched like two movies.

It was around 12am when I got a text from Embry.

"Hey the pack wants to meet you"- Embry

"Oh do they?"- Clove

"I'm coming over, and I can give you a ride to the reservation"- Embry

"Okay, see you soon!"- Clove

After texting Embry I ran and to get dressed. I put on my circle framed glasses and curled my brown locks.

I got outside and waited till I saw a shirtless Embry run up to me

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I got outside and waited till I saw a shirtless Embry run up to me.

"Where is this ride you speak of?" I asked, standing up and walking to him.

"Me" He asnwered smiling as he grabbed my wrist and walked me into the woods behind my house.

"Stay here." He stated, before running off behind some trees. A few minutes later Embry came back in his wolf form.

His front paws went down and his head motioned back saying get on. I got on and his front paws rose up, I felt so tall.

"Oh my gosh, whatever you do don't run or I will scream." I stated as his pace quickend, then after saying this he went even faster causing my fists to clech on his furr.

It didn't take long to get to the reservation, he allowed me off of him before running off to go back to human form.

Embry came running back and we walked to an area where there was a group of tan men who I assumed was his pack.

"Hey guys, this is clove." Embry introduced his arm coming around my shoulders.

"Oooooh, so this is your imprint." One boy stated, coming up close to me and putting his hand out.

"I'm quill." He continued smiling, as I shook his hand. Then some of the boys started wrestling which was pretty funny.

"Okay so that is Paul, Seth, Jake and well you met Quill." Embry laughed pointing to certain people in the group.

"And well Sam, but Embry doesn't want him to know about you." Jake snarked, giving Embry a dirty look.

"You know what he will think about her." Embry responded getting in front of me protectively.

"He can't harm a pack members imprint its the rules, anyways her fault for being a leech lover." Jake stated getting in Embrys face.

"Since when has Sam listened to the rules." Embry grumbled out before grabbing my hand and pulling me into a cozy looking house.

"Don't stare." He said before leading me into the kitchen where a brown haired girl was, she turned around and I noticed three long scars across the left side of her face.

"Clove this is Emily." He introduced as the girl smiled and out her arms around me.

"So you're the vampire girl?" She asked letting me out of her embrace and motioning for Embry and I to sit.

"So you're the wolf girl?" I shot back with a small smile, that made Embry and Emily laugh.

"Touche." She nodded before setting down a plate of muffins in front of us as the rest of the pack entered and sat down.

The pack was about to reach and dig in before Emily stopped them.

"Ladies first." She stated, nodding her head to me allowing me to grab a blueberry muffin before the boys dug in.

"Do you have any table manners?" I asked laughing at Embry seeing him scarf down a muffin in what bite.

"We get hungry..?" He stated in more of question way as an excuse for his eating.

"I would be more concerned with what your boyfriend eats." A man engaged from across the room.

"Sam, uh, you weren't supposed to find out." Embry stuttered out looking nervous.

"I see why, she is with a leech!" Sam yelled, causing me to flinch.

"And she is my imprint!" Embry yelled back, getting up from his seat as him and Sam walked outside.

"You imprinted on a leech's mate!?" Sam screamed out, his face getting redder by the second.

"I can't control it!" He yelled just as mad as Sam, it looked like if he could he would pounce on him.

"You guys can't see each other anymore not as lovers, not as friends, not as anything." Sam exlcaimed looking at me mainly before walking inside the house.

I stood there awkwardly for a few minutes my weight shifting from either of my feet.

"..I think I should be going." I stated my eyes tearing up, I just lost another person I started to care about.

"No.. no don't let him do this." Embry begged running up to my figure as I started walking away.

"Em.. I don't want you to be in trouble with your pack." I mumbled, sadly looking down as my tears slowly started to fall.

"Please.. please don't do this." He breathed out his own eyes starting to tear up.

"Embry this needs to be done." I cried out, trying to walk away.

"Then tell me to go away." He stated, his posture straightening up as he looked down at the ground.

"..what?" I questioned looking up to meet his doe brown eyes.

"You're my imprint, I will only be able to leave you if you tell me to go away." He exclaimed looking as if he was about to break down.

".. Embry." I breathed out, not believing I would have to so this.

"Just get it over with." He mumbled out barley above a whisper, if we weren't so close I wouldn't have heard it.

"Go away Embry.." I cried out, before Embry ran off changing into his wolf form.

My tears eventually turned into sobs as I crumbled onto the grass of the reservation. I had only known Embry for two months, but it felt like we had been life long friends.

It started to get dark, I had to have been sitting there for at least five hours. I got up and walked into the woods.

I didn't exactly know where I was going but I knew that if I went straight I would eventually reach my house.

When it got pitch black I new I was lost, and then I heard a twig snap and a laugh behind me when I froze in my spot.

Oh shit, I was in trouble.

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