~Chapter Eighteen~

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(Two Months Earlier) Flashback. . .

After the wedding reception, on our drive home to Carrington Ranch, Shayne seemed on edge, "I have something to ask you, Sabine." He had me panic-stricken.

"Y-Yes?" I stammered, nervously.

He gently reached for my hand, that was resting on my lap, "Would you be my girlfriend?" He sounded like a little boy in school. He was so sweet.

"Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend." I leaned over, and laid my head on his shoulder, as he continued to drive. A smile lit up his entire face, and he kissed my hand.

End of Flashback. . .

Shayne and I have been dating for two spectacular months. We have been inseparable. Aunt Ava and Rachel have taken me in to the Carrington fold. They treat me like a daughter. They are so happy that their Shayne, has found love.

The way our relationship started out, with him being so annoying, and getting me so riled up. . . I could pinch myself that he and I, actually fell in love with each other.

I can't believe that he surprised me, with two tickets to the Ed Sheeran Concert, for our two month anniversary. He reminded me of the night he brought me dinner, three months ago.

Flashback. . .

"So, you're an Ed Sheeran fan. I actually like some of his songs. I hear he's going to be performing in concert, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in October. Maybe we can go together, if you can handle me for company another night. That's three months away, so we should be fine." He laughed, and his steel grey blue eyes lit up his whole face.

I gave him a teasing grin, "I think I can handle your company for one more evening, by then."

He looked at me in a way he never had before, "Good!" He didn't elaborate.

End of Flashback. . .

Now, three months later we're here at the AT&T Stadium, waiting for Ed Sheeran to take the stage. We have front row seats! I can only imagine how much those tickets cost. Shayne insisted, that I don't worry about the expense. It was worth it for his girlfriend.

He is the best boyfriend, ever! I never imagined in my wildest dreams, that I would have someone like him to love me, and I love him.

It's extra exciting, because this Stadium is also the home of The Dallas Cowboys. It's a gorgeous new facility. Shayne got us box seat tickets for next month. His brother, his cousins, and all of their wives are coming. It will be our first family outing, as a couple.

The funniest thing recently happened. Skyler and Alexa, a.k.a Barbie, started seriously dating. They are so happy that Shayne and I got the two of them together. Wonders never cease. . . He actually, invited us to go out on a double date with them. That was so, not going to happen!

Shayne put his arm around me at our seat, and gave me a smooch, "I'm going to get a snack, before the concert begins. Would you like anything?"

"I'll take a bottle of spring water, thank you." I gave him a quick kiss, before he left the seat.

The anticipation of the concert-goers was in the air surrounding me, it was so palpable.


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