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Maisie's pov

When I got outside he was gone like he had disappeared from earth but I don't know where he had gone so quick.

"Carl! Carl please I didn't mean it!" I shouted for a few minutes  but he was no where in sight, I checked the old van and it was completely empty except from some beer bottles, but no Carl.

It was cold so I grabbed my stuff from inside and walked back over to my house.

Carl's pov

I'm so sick of people treating me like shit, I did nothing to her but she calls me an asshole wtf. Instead of running off I stayed underneath the wooden stairs and watched her shout for me.
I wanted nothing more but to run up and grab her hold her tight but I can't have a soft reputation especially for a girl.
(I don't know what this is, it's quite hard writing Carl's pov).

Maisie's pov

Back home I jumped straight into bed and text mom saying goodnight like always. I can't wait to see her soon.


I woke up and jumped straight into the shower running before my dad got in there first which made me laugh, when I got out I did light makeup and plait my hair then got dressed. I threw on a long sleeved jumper and some black jeans then going downstairs and making V a mug of green tea, I heard it's healthy for the babies.

 I threw on a long sleeved jumper and some black jeans then going downstairs and making V a mug of green tea, I heard it's healthy for the babies

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I said goodbye and walked over to the Gallaghers like every morning.

Greeted with morning from everyone before running upstairs to Debbie's room.

"Debs your not even up" she lay still in bed, hair messy and pjs still on.
"No I don't feel to well, sorry"
"It's ok text me later if your feeling better" I closed the door and bumped into the one and only Carl.

"Oh hi, um I didn't know where you went last night. I did shout you" I stood rocking back and forth on my heels.

"I know I heard"  he replied bluntly.
"Ok well Debbie isn't going to school today, so it's just me and you?" I looked at him hardly making out his facial expressions.

"Kids! No school because of the snow" Fiona shouted up the stairs.

I went to walk back into Debbie's room when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Please can we talk?"
I nodded and followed close behind him.

We sat in silence for a while until I broke it.
"Ok let's get this awkward shit over with" I blurted moving closer towards him.
"I didn't mean you were an asshole I was pissed because I was worried about you selling guns at school! Now stop being a dick and forgive me" I now straddled his lap.

His hands gripping my waist tight holding me in place.
"Do you forgive me?" I whispered into his ear.
"Of course princess" he kissed my cheek pulling me closer to him.

I woke back up at 11am and was lay across Carl. I had to tell him and the rest, I'll tell them at dinner tonight.

"Enjoying the view baby?"
"Shut up, and what's with these nicknames?"
"It's so you know you're mine Babygirl" he lent into my neck sucking harshly on my weak spot.
A moan escaped my lips making us both laugh.

He did this 2 or 3 times then kissing over them.

I was feeling uncomfortable now realising I'm still in my jeans. I pulled them off making Carl slap my ass hard.

"Ow you prick!"
"Well you're kinda asking for it"
"Did those words come out my mouth though? No" I said laughing and removing his basket ball shorts.

"Baby don't you think it's abit early?" He said in a low voice, grabbing my waist pulling me close and massaging the area he just slapped.

I winked pushing him down onto the bed, receiving a groan from Carl.

I then put his shorts on and run into the hall.

"Hey!" I heard him shout and loud footsteps follow after.
"Sorry" I giggled looking at him in just his shirt and boxers.
"Looks like you've got something to sort out" I pointed to his growing boner in his boxers below.
"Fuck" he walked towards the bathroom

He took one step into the bathroom when I grabbed his waist span him around and kissed his lips, I couldn't help myself especially seeing him all flustered.

He picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist, pushing me against the closed door for support without breaking the kiss.

"CAN YOU HURRY THE FUCK UP IM GONNA THROW UP!" We both jumped hearing Debbie scream from the other side of the door.

When I opened the door Debbie ran straight past us, not seeing our messy hair, swollen lips, hickeys and Carl's boner. I ran into his room and got back under the covers.

"Right where were we?" Carl joined me under the covers.


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