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Carl's pov

I woke up to the faint snores from Maisie beside me, her head tilted upwards towards me I could look at her all day.

Her eyelashes long and curled, dark brown shiny hair that framed her face, perfect complexion, plump pink lips. Everything about her amazes me.

I turned towards the alarm clock on my dresser showing the time being 5:02am I couldn't get back to sleep and decided on getting up and going for a run.

I got dressed and kissed Maisie's head before leaving the house.

Maisie's pov

I woke up again the sun in my eyes from the window, I turn expecting to be faced with Carl but instead a cold empty bed, I sighed a little before getting up and going back to my house to get ready for school.

I jumped in the shower and let my thoughts take over. Me and Carl had sex. He told me he loved me. I told him I loved him, I didn't know that myself. And I wake up and he's God knows where.

I got out the shower and quickly got ready I applied light makeup and got dressed into something comfy.

I got out the shower and quickly got ready I applied light makeup and got dressed into something comfy

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And headed back over to the Gallaghers house.

"Morning Fiona"
"Morning Mais"
"Do you know where Carl is?"
"No I thought he was with you"
I shrugged it off and waited for Debbie, hopefully I see him at school.

{at school}

I haven't seen Carl all day, I feel like he's avoiding me.
I turned into the hallway with the toilets and saw a line outside the boys.

I was confused at first until I heard something that really pissed me off.

"So what gun you getting from Carl?" I heard two freshman talking to each other.
I couldn't help but butt in.

"Carl? As in Carl Gallagher?"
"Yeah why?" I didn't even answer his question before I stomped into the boys bathroom hearing a few shocked sounds.

I kicked open the door.

"Mais wtf are you doin in here?" Carl whisper shouted towards me

"NO CARL WTF ARE YOU DOING IN HERE? WTF IS THIS?" I opened the gym bag to see at least 15 guns inside.
"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" He stayed silent
"Do you know how much trouble you could get into? How dangerous this is?" I bent down so he's now looking at me.

"The Principle brought one" he shrugged it off.
"Oh for fuck sake Carl" I huffed and walked outside the cubicle.

"Oh and Happy Birthday asshole" I shouted before leaving the bathroom completely, receiving stares from the boys inside and out the bathroom.

{later that day}

I couldn't focus on anything knowing what Carl was doing. Did Fiona know? Did Debbie? Did the principle really buy one?

I kept tapping my pencil my mind in its own world until the final bell rang and everyone packed away.

I waited for Debbie by her locker but she never turned up and instead walked back with Derek.

So I ended up waisting 15 minutes of my life and walking back by my self.
When I got home I got straight into bed and put on 'The Duff'

The film had finished over 30 minutes ago and I was just watching YouTube videos when a message from Debbie came through to my phone.

Debbie💞: please come over I'm bored.

I just laughed and didn't bother to reply I got up and changed into sweat pants and a big T-shirt and walked over.

I made my way straight up to Debbie's room and jumped on her bed.
"Hey I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!"
"Debs I saw you this morning"
"Yes but I haven't seen you all day" I just laughed at her and spoke for a few hours.
Then the subject or Carl came up.

"So you and my brother" she nudged me smiling.
"Lip? I know he's amazing"
"Ew no Carl, even though that's not any better"
"I mean I would have gone for Ian but I don't think i'm his type"
"No you don't have a dick but stop trying to change the subject"

I laughed again and just shrugged
"I don't know Debs, I like him but he's such an asshole"
"You can say that again" I heard from behind me, I knew instantly who it was and knew I fucked up.

I turned around to be faced with Carl himself, his eyes red, and droopy he stayed there for a while before taking off downstairs and out the back door.

"Shit sorry debs I'll be right back" I shouted running out the door after him.


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