Here We Go Again

Chapter 2: Soldiers to Battle


With a straight back, shoulders squared off just right, I inhaled loud and deep and with a profound sense of contentment. "Do you smell that?" I whispered like a child in awe.

But clearly not catching my fascination, probably not seeing what I was seeing, Lily made a loud sound. "That's disgusting, Albus!" She pinched her nose, looking thoroughly nauseated.

I shook my head, rolling my eyes while I was at it. "I meant if you could sense the atmosphere."

Blinking, zoning everything out for a second, I focused my attention back on the entire landscape that was Platform 9 ¾. I was starting my Sixth Year, but every time I crossed the barrier between platforms nine and ten, there was always a trickle up my spine of excitement and anticipation; like I was a First Year all over again. There was just something wicked about the magnitude of people; something quite satisfying of watching students push their trolleys with all their belongings, down from their trunks to their pets; even memories from home that were personal and unseen.

Most of them, the students, seemed to mirror my expression of happiness, of relief to finally get back to Hogwarts to start a new year of adventures and memories.

"Oh, whatever," I finally heard my sister speak as our mother absentmindedly straightened out the wrinkles of her blouse. "You're still a sick individual."

I looked down at her with a casual smirk. "What makes you say that, dearest little sister?" I patted her red hair like she was a dog; even scratching behind her ear to add to her irritation.

With flaming cheeks, Lily shoved my hand away, aiming a punch to my chest, and then proceeding to push Mum's orderly fingers as they still continued to tug at her blouse. "First of all, Albus Severus," she snapped at me, "I'm not little. I'm a bloody Fourth Year now, and about to turn fifteen in a few weeks. Secondly, pat me one more time and you'll lose those fingers. Understood?"

I saluted her.

"Third of all," she continued, narrowing her brown eyes into slits at the amusement I was having over all of this, "you're a sick little boy because we are all perfectly aware of what you and Harper were up to at the wedding."

No longer smirking, my eyes narrowed in return and I felt myself turning red from embarrassment.

And adding to my mortification, Mum decided to take out those earphone things that Emily had given her for Christmas the year before at the exact time that Uncle George, his two children, and my dad approached us.

It was Lily's turn to leer. "Have nothing to say do you, Al? Not even about the fact that you were a very sloppy, sweaty groomsmen and that your annoying girlfriend looked just about the same."

"You noticed that too?" Catching just about everything my dearest sister intended to get out, Roxy skipped the greetings to get into the rumours. "She looked completely exhausted and put-out."

"Oh, she was exhausted alright." Snickering like an eleven year-old witch, Freddie gave me a rough smack on the back. "Quite the little stallion, aren't you, cousin?"

My mortification grew, and my mum's eyes did too. She looked completely outraged at the not-so-discreet comment my cousin had let out.

Groaning on the inside, I gave my mum an innocent wave of the hand; trying to smooth everything over before she murdered me. "You stupid fucker," I murmured towards Freddie, elbowing him roughly on the ribs. "I thought Aunt Angelina put you under a strong Silencing Charm to last an entire week?"

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