Falling for you: Part 10

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They looked eachother in the eyes for a long time without talking. Then Jane moved closer to her and pulled her in to a passionate kiss. Maura smiled during the kiss. She never wanted it to end. Jane pulled back and stroked Maura's hair. "Oh, I have waited for this so long." Jane said smiling. "You have?" Maura said suprised. "No, not at all." Jane chuckled. "Sometimes you are the dumbest genius I know." Jane said and kissed her again. Maura punched Jane's arm gently. "Ouch.." Jane whined. "Let's go to bed, Janie." Maura said and pulled her up. Jane and Maura crawled under the covers. Jane pulled Maura closer and nuzzled her head onto her chest. "Good night Maur." Jane said tired. "Night sweetie." Maura said as she turned the light off.

Next day

Jane woke up next morning. She had her arms wrapped around Maura. "Maura wake up." Maura opened her eyes and looked at Jane then she snuggled up onto her chest. "Morning Jane" she said sweetly. "Good morning." Jane said, pulling her into a kiss. Maura kissed her back then she left the bed. She took her robe on and ran her fingers through her hair. "You are beautiful" Jane said from the bed. Maura smiled. "C'mon, we have to work." She said. "Yeah yeah..." "You can take my other robe, it's lying over there. I start doing breakfast." "Okay." Jane replied. Jane pulled herself up from the bed and took Maura's other robe on. Then she walked out to Maura. She walked over to her and wrapped her arms around Maura's waist. Jane laid her hair on one side of Maura's shoulders then kissed her neck. "Your mum can walk in, Jane." Maura said. "We don't tell anyone about us, not yet." Maura said. "Ok, it's a good idea. I don't think Frankie or Tommy will react so good when we tell them. So lets keep it a secret." Jane replied and turned her around. "Both of my brothers have a good taste. You are really beautiful, Maur." Jane said smiling. Maura blushed. Jane pulled her into a kiss. Then they heard a door open and they pulled back fast. Jane walked to a chair and sat down. "Morning ma." "Good morning girls." Angela said. "Good morning Angela." Maura said nicely, as usual. "How did you two sleep." Angela asked with a smile. "Great ma, great." Jane said. "Just fine. You, Angela?" "I'll get ready for work. See you girls later." Angela said and walked out to the guest house. "You need to be more nice to her, Jane." Maura whined. "I'm always nice." "No, you have an annoying tone when you talk." "I do not." "There it's again." "I don't know what you are taking about." Jane smirked. "You are so annoying" Maura said as she walked over to her. "Can you at least try to be nicer to people?" She asked and handed her a cup coffee. "Okay, I'll try. Just because it's you." Jane replied and kissed her. Maura smiled. She took her cup coffee and sat down next to her.

Hours later

 Frost and Korsak had bring Harry Stone in to interrogation room. "I'll check with Jane if she want to listen." said Frost and walked away. He walked up to the bullpen and found Jane sitting behind her desk. "Jane, you want to listen while we interrogation Harry Stone?" He asked. "Yes, I'm coming." Jane and Frost walked to the interrogation room, Jane stood on the other side of the glass, listening. "Why am I here?" "You know Sarah and Alexandra Hudgens?" Korsak questioned as he laid two photos on the table. "Yes." "How do you know them?" "Alexandra is my girlfriend. We have been dating for 7 months. Sarah is her little sister. They live in an apartment together because their parents died years ago. Why are you asking me this?" "Where were you three days ago between 6pm to 4am?" "Home." "Can someone verify that?" asked Frost. "My parents." "Where were you yesterday?" "I were with Alexandra almost all day." "Where is Alexandra now?" Korsak questioned. "How should I know? I left her place at lunch time." "Tell us the truth!" Snapped Frost. "Sarah Hudgens found dead three days ago! Alexandra is missing! And we found your blood in their apartment!" Frost yelled. Jane opened the door and walked in. "Detective Frost, calm down!" She said and walked outside with him. Jane calmed Frost down as Korsak continue the interrogation. Korsak walked out from the interrogation room 15 minutes later. "He is hiding something. He knows what happened to Alexandra, maybe even where she is." Frost said upset. "We keep him over the night. Then we try tomorrow again." Jane said. 

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