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I'm curled up into a ball on the floor as I cry, each sob making my body shake as I clutch the telegram in one hand, and my father's medal in the other, the cold hard metal digging into my palms and leaving grooves on my skin.

My curtains are drawn shut tightly, making the whole room dark and musty and claustrophobic. The room is a mess from the fits that make me throw everything to the floor, disgusted and angry towards my father, towards the enemy that killed him, towards the world.

"It's not fair!" I wail, my heart aching as I lift myself onto my knees, throwing the medal across the room, it scattering under the dresser noisily with a metal-on-wood sound. "It's not fair, it's not fair!" I want to disappear, I want to just stop.

A soft knock comes from the other side of my bedroom door, probably my Grandfather coming to comfort me, like he always does, because he understands.
Even so I throw a book at the door, screaming at him to go away. He just opens the door, strides over to me, bends down and wraps me in a warm hug.

At first I beat my fists against him, telling him to get off and too stop. But I eventually crumble, sobbing as I hug back.

"It's okay, Ellea." He coos and I sob harder.

That's what dad used to call me, and now I'd never hear his voice say it again.

"It's not okay, Grampa." I sob into him, shaking my head as the tears drop onto his waistcoat. "It hurts, it hurts so much."

"I know, Petal." He soothes, stroking my brown hair, that now I can't stand. It reminds me too much of my father, and I hurt everything I look in the mirror. I guess that was why it was the first breakable to be smashed. "I understand, I understand."

And I know he truly does.
Because like I lost a father, he once lost a daughter; my mother.

"When your mother passed, you were just 3 years old, bless." He says, and I listen to him, still sobbing desperately. "You had no idea what had happened, you were crying and begging to see her, and your father was too as he picked you up and passed you to a nurse." He leans back, to look at my tear stained face and brush tear drenched tendrils of my hair out of my face. "I wish I had been there sooner, to say goodbye to her properly. I regret not being there immediately when your mother took ill. We can't undo the past sweet Elleanora, but we can keep living for those who cannot."

I closed my eyes and swallowed a lump in my throat, dragging my sleeve across my eyes to dry the tears.

"I'm sorry, Granpa." I whisper, looking him in the eyes and staring at him sadly. "But I don't think I can."

He hugs me again, strokes my hair as I stay there, still in place and staring blankly at the wall behind him.

"Then I'm going to be there for you until the end of the line."


here is the prologue of this rewrite!
as you can see I've altered Elleanora's appearance a little, as well as her personality.
other than that, she's totally canon!

stay cute!
ciao, lina x

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