Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up with a passionate feeling that flooded my gut. I opened my eyes to the dim bedroom. The curtains were covering the sunrays outside the window and I was internally grateful that I shut them yesterday night.

I sigh at the slight headache that I have woken up with. I groaned at the sudden tension it created between my eyes and I hugged into my pillow more. The pillow let my head sink into it, I could almost feel the mattress under it by how far I sunk into it.

I also sighed and smiled at the actions that I replayed over and over in my head. I finally had the chance to kiss her, she didn't back off and it was perfect. Her thick lips against mine felt so real, so perfect and so damn nice. Her dark hazelnut eyes excited me and I knew I couldn't lose this chance to kiss her and to give some part of myself to her.

The kiss didn't help me decide whether I really liked this girl or not. It was something that just happened and whether it was a mistake or not, I now have more of a chance to have something spark between us. Whether that had been a relationship or just a one night fling.

I lean my heavy head to the ceiling and stare at it. I listened to the silence for a few minutes just to see if Anna was up yet. I waited for any signs of awakening. The coffee machine, footsteps...most mornings it's always something and today I couldn't hear much. There were the steady clicks of the clock each second and the city outside was permanently always loud.

I close my eyes again, not hoping to fall asleep but because I wanted last night to be memorable. I wanted to remember that night for a long time. Until I can kiss her again and I can remember that kiss, last night is the only one I have that I can remember, so far.

The whole night was more silent than most nights. We always chatted, always had something to say but last night felt right amongst the silence and I couldn't help but smile at the fact it had helped. The fact she was so quiet made it easier for me to just take her into my hands and pull her body so it touched mine.

She had so much confidence to just stand and strip to her bra and underwear in front of me and I was more shocked than amused when she did. When she announced she couldn't swim, I was happy knowing that she could see my protective part of me, be a hero in her eyes. Women like that sappy stuff, right? I wasn't saying she would have drowned or I hoped she did but if that situation had come, I knew I'd get some type of thank you for helping her.

She seemed so comfortable to just stare into the night and listen to the blissful silence with me in that warm pool. Her whole attitude changed to being so comfortable and confident the whole night. I could read it in her brown-green venerable eyes and her slight smirk she gave off. I could feel it in her skin and I felt it rub across my own lips when she kissed me. It was like she was a new person but she wasn't, she was still the same Anna that I knew of when I first met her.

She would be contemplating what last night was really about, wondering why it had happened and why it had to happen to her. I knew her enough that she would be sitting in her bed maybe freaking out about it and coming to a conclusion. She always did that and I've seen it happen. Twice.

She would stop and break down every little thing to find a solution or idea to fix things and I just knew she would be doing that if she was awake. Anna was an open book, she doesn't hide much about herself.

When I went to touch her, I knew I was taking a risk. I didn't want her to be scared like she did when I tried kissing her last time in her room. A part of me knew she wouldn't freak out, she seemed so calm and comfortable that touching her seemed and was harmless. She didn't jump or flinch, she just stared back at me, touching my biceps.

I couldn't stop looking down at her body though. It was contorted in the water but I wanted to see it bare again. I wanted to see her imperfections and make them mine. I constantly wanted to just hold her imperfect skin against mine and tell her she was perfect.

I watched her close her eyes in deep thought before I kissed her. My mind ran with questions at that moment, so interested in what she was thinking. When she opened them I gave up and I couldn't resist, I kissed her just in case she was going to back out.

I open my eyes to hear slight movements in Anna's bedroom. I decided to push them away and close my eyes again to run through the previous night. It was nice to know she was finally awake.

When I broke the kiss and pulled her in more, that's when I knew her body was everything I hoped it would be. She had smooth skin with soft indents of cellulite but that just made me weaker under her touch. The last thing I wanted was for that moment to end and neither did my heart. It kept beating relentlessly without any of my consent.

I kissed her again and again and I swear there was one point I felt her kiss me and to know that she did was a goal and to think she did was something that made my heart melt to my gut.

I had her wrapped around my waist, it was so hot being so close to an area I am dying to touch. To stare into the eyes of a girl that I cared for and someone who I had only known for not even two weeks felt amazing. The moment was so slow and so enjoyable and that is all that I wished for.

I never had this type of moment or enjoyment with another girl in such a long...long time and for it to be with Anna, it felt so perfect.

Her laughter was incredible. To hear her laugh with me, knowing we both had stupid opinions of each other, laughing because we both knew we are both idiots crushing on each other.

The kiss again after that was so wonderful. So incredible, almost so unbelievable.

In the end, she stopped. She stopped and I could tell she was confused. Her brows furrowed and her eyes were stunned with vulnerability. I begged for her to stay, she used the excuse she was tired and she just got up and left.

I knew she was scared of crushing on me or even falling for me. It was obvious in her eyes and in her voice and that's why she left. I was left alone while she walked away and I had my chance to watch her ass bounce with her walk but it wasn't as satisfying this time knowing I had lost her last night. I wanted more from her and I wanted to hopefully just kiss her once more but she didn't even give me another chance to.

I had taken my time leaving the pool, not in a rush to make it to the apartment. I knew she'd be safe and warm under those blankets alone. It would have been nice to escort her though. It crossed my mind on the way home to call up a previous fling to help me rid of Anna's doings but I was tired from head to toe.

I also stopped because I knew I had to be a king to get my queen.

I sigh after remembering last night and I open my eyes, blinking a few time to get used to the new light. I lifted my dull body off the bed and I stumbled my way into the bathroom where I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at the fool that had let his chance go and watched it walk off. I watch myself run a hand through my hair, smiling and shaking my head at how much I crushed on this girl when I didn't want to.

I rest my elbows onto the vanity, 'don't lose her, Harry Styles. Never.'


I actually had fun and am content with how this chapter turned out, writing in Harrys pov, I find it harder for me but damn I really liked this chapter. vote? comment?


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