Chapter Seven - The Disaster Date Pt. 3

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Evan's P.O.V.

The crazy judgmental lady called security on me.

Ugh, what the fuck!

Well, I guess it didn't help that I may be said a few inappropriate things to her, but still what the fuck is your problem?!

As the security ushered me out, I noticed that Ava was nowhere to be seen.

I ran down the stairs to the main entrance, frantically asking people if they had seen her and where she had gone.

Then I bumped into this slut from school, I think her name is Jessy, Jessica, ah I don't know, nor do I care.

"Hey, um, have you seen Ava?" I ask.

She giggled and flipped her cheap hair extensions.

"Why do you care about that ugly shit? Look at me compared to her! Don't you think you should be worried about me?"

Ugh, why does she have to be like this? I just wanna find Ava for God's sake.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. I'll make it up to you on Monday. But just tell me where Ava went." I sighed.

She did that annoying giggle again.

"Say, please?" She grinned.

"Don't push it."

"She ran out the door, crying like a baby."

Well shit.

"Uh, yeah, bye."

I ran out the door and turned right and headed for Ava's house.


Ava's P.O.V.

I sat in the corner of my room, crying. It was a mix of being ashamed, embarrassed, and feeling stupid for just leaving Evan there like that.


Why do I even care about Evan? It's not like it's his personality to be like this. He's just an asshole in disguise.

But what if he's not...?

What if he actually wants to make a change?

Never mind, that was a stupid thought.

The door opened. I heard it.

My first thought was Evan but I remembered that he doesn't have a key to my house.

So it was either my mother, father or a burglar.


I crept downstairs quietly, and I heard moans.

Uh, what the hell?

I peeped downstairs to see my mom kissing some tall, buff man. He looked extremely younger than her, with blonde hair and black eyes. It definitely wasn't my father; my father is a handsome man but he isn't that handsome.

"Let's go upstairs." The unfamiliar man said in a whisper voice but I could still hear him.

"Shit, I think my daughters home." My mother swore in frustration.

"You can come back to my house. It's not a problem."

And with that, they walked out the door.

I couldn't but could believe what I saw all at the same time.

My mother loved my father so much, and we were the perfect family.

My dad was a manager making lots of money, my mother was a housewife and I was their beautiful daughter.

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