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-Chapter 4

The Hangout Pt.1

Lisa's Point of View:

"Wow, so you just told me the story of how the school's jock fell in love with a try-hard tomboy?" She laughed at my reaction. Well, I must admit, I got hurt by her last words.

"For your information, I'm still straight at that time!" I corrected her statement then pouted, crossing my arms. "And try-hard? Ouch."

"Sure." She said sarcastically by prolonging her mention of the word. "I never said anything about your being interested in girls." She teased me and I continued my pouting.

"Hmph." was all I can say. "There's nothing wrong in liking people of the same gender though." She stated and I just nodded.

"But hey! Can you atleast tell me the story of the hangout thing? That got me really curious."


"Jungkook?" I called him, nudging his shoulder. He looked at me curiously before asking. "What?"

"Are you sure it's okay that I could come? I mean I don't want to disturb your hangout with your friends." I clung onto his arm while he took it away from me.

"What are you doing? Stop acting like a girl. Geez, I'm starting to think that you're gay for me." He sheepishly grinned at me. Right, I'm a boy and not a girl in his eyes.

"Are you?" He asked me in a daring way, wiggling his eyebrows. I just looked at the ground not bothering to answer him. Denying it would be no fun since it would make it more obvious even though the opposite of what they think is the truth.

Oh, clueless Jungkook. I would tell you telepathically that I'm actually too gay for you.


I just snorted in my head.

"Silence means yes." He gave me that mischievous tone and I tried so hard not to smack the back of his head so I just proceeded to walking ahead of him.

It wasn't too long before he decided to break the silence.

"And besides they already agreed to invite you. They just said, "As long it's a boy, it's all good, Kook." ". He tried imitating his friends. I mentally choked on my saliva at his last sentence. As long as it's a boy? Eheh.

I felt somewhat guilty but there's a part of me that doesn't want to say that I'm actually a girl. I mean, being treated as a guy is not so bad. Back then in Thailand, alot of people are too shy to even talk to me, let alone move close to me.

"What's their problem with girls?" I eyed him curiously, wanting to hear answers from that mysterious mouth of his.

And what I meant by the "mysterious mouth of his" I mean it by the unknown answers AND NOT those glossy lips of his. You didn't ask? Okay.

Great, Lisa. You just embarassed yourself in front of the readers.

Well, let's stop talking about mouths and lips and all that and just proceed to the freaking story.

He faced me perfunctorily, his face void of any emotion. "Well, you see, they have a separate time for girls." He scratched the back of his head, looking at the other direction. I could sense nervousness in his tone.

"What do you mean by "separate time for girls" ? " I asked, quoting the subject with the two fingers of my both hands.

"Let's just say, that..." He paused making me scoot closer to him, anticipating for the answer. "They're not what they look like."

My face furrowed at his reply but before I could ask about it, he cut my string of thoughts by saying something, " We're here!"

I went to look at where his eyes were directed and we arrived at a normal - looking building. We went inside it without the guard questioning us or whatsoever.

He went to the elevator and clicked a button. After a while of listening to relaxing elevator music, the doors opened signalling that we have arrived.

I just followed Jungkook through the empty hallways without question since he knows where he's going. He stopped in front of a door that looks identical to the ones I've seen in the building.  He knocked seven times which made my eyebrows crash together.

"Why seven? You could just knock three times?" I asked him suspiciously. "Well, we have a code for these things." He answered without a doubt.

"This is your home, right?" I asked him and he nodded. "You don't have a key?"

"I left it inside." He told me while his index finger directed towards the door.

The door opened and there, revealed a drop dead gorgeous man I've never seen in my entire fifteen years of existence here in the land of mankind.

"Jungkookie!" The man screamed hugging the boy beside me, taking me aback. I looked at Jungkook's reaction and he didn't seem to be bothered about it.

What is this? I thought girls are the only ones who are affectionate with each other? Is the most handsome human being I've seen in my whole life, it hurts to say this, but, gay? Too bad he's a big loss to the land of gals and hombres. And Jungkook? Why aren't you doing something, are you perhaps gay too?

My mind is busy pumping too many questions that I didn't even notice that the two of them were looking at me expectedly. "What?" I asked them oblivious of their previous action.

I heard them sigh before explaining, "Don't get the wrong idea, all of this is normal." Jungkook stated.

"Touché, normal my butt." I scowled in my head.

"But actions speak louder than words." I gave back and he just sighed, looking somewhat exasperated.

I faced the man and he seemed to be gazing at me. "Landon Manoban, you?"  I gave out my hand aiming for a friendly handshake, cutting him from his trance.

"Kim Taehyung, nice to meet you... Landon." He eyed me suspiciously yet at the same time shaking my hand. Okay, That was weird. Is he bipolar or something?

When he saw Jungkook, he was all giddy and merry, but then the moment who I caught him gazing at me, his gaze showed aversion based on my point of view atleast, I've received looks like that from my past school. Sure, some consider me intimidating, but there's always people who thinks of the opposite.

Seriously, why does he look like he doesn't even want me to be here?

-Chapter 4 End

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