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-Chapter 1

Lisa's Point of View:

"How long are you going to stare at my handsome face, Liz?" He asked me with a foolish grin, his signature bunny teeth showing. I can't help but reciprocate the smile uncontrollably.

"You're too full of yourself!" I scolded him but still grinning. I was planning to slap his arm but I ended up doing it on my bed instead. I mentally sighed.

The "Side" Effect of a Long Distance Relationship.

(Get it? Side Effect. Arms on the side?)

"Yah! Lalisa! When are you coming home? I miss you already." Jungkook frowned at me. My smile immediately faded when I heard him mention "coming home" because honestly, I actually don't know when. But one thing I know is for sure, it's not nearing anytime soon.

"Maybe after two years?" I retorted, unsure. His eyes widened at my answer. "Wah! You can't go home this summer?" He fake cried like a child whose candy got stolen.

"I'll do everything just so you can get here." He had a serious expression on which is something he flashes only when he is really sure about something. "No! Don't do everything!" I exclaimed and he just chuckled. "Not in the way that I'll give my body, silly." He greeted me with a mischievous simper and with a side dish of wiggly eyebrows. Yuck.

I cringed at his reply and he just laughed at me. "I really can't. My boss doesn't allow me to go in the next two years." I gave him a sad expression. "Well, you could just resign and work back here in Korea." Jungkook's face brightened as if he thought of a good idea. "You know I would have done that a long time ago, if I can, right? I told you about my parents' situation." To my dismay, I had to work here to earn alot to pay for my parents' hospital fees.

I saw Jungkook yawn from my laptop's screen. His eyebags are getting bigger and bigger as days and nights pass by. I feel guilty about it because he always has a goodnight sleep whenever I stay in Korea. "You should go sleep now, Kookie. I don't want you tired because of me." I cooed, touching his nose from my laptop's monitor.

Well, in South Korea it's already night time. Meanwhile, here in America the day's just starting. "Good morning, Jagiya. Love you." He groggily spoke with his hoarse voice. "I love you. Goodnight, Jagi." I gave him a flying kiss which he reciprocated before ending the call.

Goodnight, Jungkook.

-Chapter 1 End

The following chapters would be much longer. Don't worry. :)

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