23| Ocean Eyes.

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23| Ocean Eyes.

"Boyfriend? I don't understand," Annie's father spoke, causing Luke to realise he didn't even know his name. Luke actually knew so little about Annies family which he decided was rather unsettling now standing in front of the most important people in her life. Luke was baffled by the fact that Mr McCain couldn't understand this, whats their to understand?

It's a simple concept; they met, they went out on dates, they kissed and here they are. Luke thought it highly unnecessary to mention any of this- along with the almost-sex he had with his daughter which he still often thinks about.

"What don't you understand? How can you- a married man and previous 'player', according to Grams- not understand?" Annie scoffed, her head falling back from the side of her boyfriend and glaring at her father.

"Watch your tone, Annabelle. I think what your father was getting at was, well, we just weren't expecting this is all. When we left for Bora Bora- Oh it was so amazing, they still had the mimosas from last time- oh and that cute bar man too!" Victoria held her hand out, waving it around like a mad woman who's surrounded by bees.

Annie rolled her eyes at her mother, of course she would change the subject onto herself, like always.

Annie didn't particularly want to talk to her parents at the moment, especially not when a half-naked Luke was stood dripping beside her, Curley hair all floppy and muscles on full show. Annie couldn't blame the rest of the girls at school for falling weak at the knees for this man, but she'd never tell anyone, especially not Luke.

Luke himself, was mentally fighting with his body that was begging for his hand to slide just a few inches lower on Annie's back- and he was so, so tempted. He would like to just grasp at the smooth flesh of her ass, laugh along with her at his playful and cheeky behaviour, but with her parents already showing a disliking to Luke he thought it'd be better if he waited.

He bit his lip harshly, knowing that it wouldn't look too suggestive, and squeezed the flesh above Annies ass... sadly.

"I think we've gotten off on the wrong foot, we've shown such a stereotypical aggressive impression which was just a natural defence mechanism when seeing our little princess with a strange man, which I'm sure you understand. How about we all go out for dinner tonight at Donatello's? Our treat." Mrs Victoria McCain was a simple woman, with simple needs and simple wants. And she always get whats she wants which was a blessing for her and a curse for her daughter.

Luke wasn't sure what to say, he felt at though every word he had ever known had tumbled right out of his mouth and clustered on the floor. Donatello's was the most expensive restaurant in the city, which was about a 45 minute drive away, and Luke never ever imagined he would even be allowed in a place as upper class like this. "Thank you Mrs McCain, that sounds- uh- delightful," he choked out, wishing to get every word back into his mouth.

"It's no problem sweetie, but please, do call me Victoria and my husband Samuel," Her hand landed on Lukes shoulder, making him positively uncomfortable but he hoped he played it well with his charming smile. "Now, if you'll excuse us we have some business to attend to at our offices, call us if you need to. We'll get Arthur to pick you both up from here at 8:00pm ok?" She placed a kiss on Annies cheek before both of them turned and went inside.

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