Chapter 14 | Daxten

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I found him.

      I look up to see my reflection in the screen and I'm wearing a goofy smile similar to Brando. I'd better hide that, I don't really do goofy smiles. I'll leave that to him.

      I'd better respond, but what do I say? Just like that I feel all conversation leave my body and I don't know how to communicate. There's now an invisible weight on my shoulders sinking me through the floor of the plane and into the ocean below. This has never happened to me before. I'm officially speechless.

      Don't overthink this and just ask if he's okay. That's the way to go; come across as the concerned citizen who noticed his fear of flying. It's hard not to notice really when he flat-out told me.

      Yeah, it's me. How you feeling? Not so bad once we're up in the air, huh?

      There. Pretty casual but showing concern. I'm a natural at this. I flex my fingers feeling proud of myself as I wait for his response. Whoever invented messaging on an airplane is a genius.

      His response appears.

      You're right, it's not so bad. Your sister really helped actually, she's lovely.

      Leah, always coming through for me. I don't know why half the time considering I can be such a shitty brother. She's too good for this world. She's too good for me. I owe her big time for this.

      She is the best sister I could ask for. How did she manage to help you?

      It doesn't take him long to reply. I'd like to think he's sitting there, hanging on to his seat, just waiting for me to message, or is that too arrogant of me to think? I should wait between responses so I don't look so keen. A bigger part of me doesn't care about that because I just want to talk to him.

      Well... she actually spoke about you and got me talking about how we met. She was fascinated, and the distraction really helped.

      They were talking about me? Oh God, what did she tell him? Knowing Leah, she probably told him everything I said about him. She respects honesty a bit too much, even when it's not her truth to tell.

      I feel myself going red now. My heartbeat elevates as I think about their conversation. Did she tell him what I think about his smile, or that he's defrosted this chilly persona I've been wearing for too long?

      We do have a pretty interesting story so far. I know I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you ... on the toilet. Ha ha.

      I chuckle as I send that. I can imagine how I will introduce him to fam... to friends if something develops between us. So how did you two meet? Oh, I walked in on him in the airport bathroom standing on a toilet. So romantic.

      You are never going to let me live that down are you?

      I smile. Nope, never. What else did Leah say to comfort you? I need to know if I should feel embarrassed. Maybe I'm safe.

      Just that you're sad you're not going to see me until New York. And that you're smitten by me ;)

      My hands cover my face. Shit, Leah really did say what I thought she was going to say. I didn't want him to know that. It's true, of course, but now I feel stupid. Brando probably thinks I'm crazy obsessed and I've only just met the guy! I knew it was too early to even think about anything soppy like that. I shouldn't have told Leah how I felt.

      Another message comes up. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty smitten by you too.

      I take it back – I'm so glad I told Leah. Well, maybe I would have liked to have kept some of the mystery, but I've kept all feeling locked inside for too long. I deserve to be honest with someone, right?

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