Kuroo Tetsurou x Male! Reader (Soulmate AU)

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<soulmate AU where their name is on their wrist ;) >

Having a soulmate seems romantic, right?

The idea that two people who are destined to be together and be happy, yeah?

Everyone has one. That's almost what everyone talks about, how they wonder what their soulmate looks like or who they are.

I don't want to know.

I don't want to meet my soulmate.


Because I'm scared he's not gay.

I stared at the name "Tetsurou" on my wrist, afraid I'll ever meet him.

It's odd, but people who end up hating their soulmate happens a lot actually. But the most it happens with, is with people in the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, it often leads to murder.

I have every right to be frightened.

I actually didn't used to be gay. Before I was, I often hated having my soulmate as a guy. I wanted to be straight so bad so that the kids in my class would stop bullying me. It's not as common for gay soulmates to happen, at least not compared to straight ones, so of course I was the odd one in my school, along with a lesbian couple and a group of kids who's soulmate had gender neutral names.

I was friends with the lesbian soulmates, Yuki and Keiko. They were also bullied, but not anymore since they had found each other.

"You know, you're looking at the negatives. What if your soulmate isn't actually a homophobic murderer?" Keiko asked.

"Yeah, the chances are pretty slim. Most people want to, you know, not murder the person their destined to be together with," Yuki added.

"It could still happen!" I pouted, taking a bite of my pocky stick.

Lunch was boring, and Yuki and Keiko weren't making me feel any better.

"Besides, believe it or not, I used to be like you (Y/n)," Keiko said.

"You were?" I asked unbelievingly.

Keiko? The calm, sensible, reasonable Keiko?

"Yes, I too didn't want to find Yuki, but since I did, I'm so happy I got over that part of my life," she smiled, staring lovingly at Yuki as Yuki blushed.

"You two make me disgusted. I can't believe you would do that, right in front of my salad?" I joked.

They both started laughing as I joined them.

"Stop, that meme is dead," Yuki giggled.

"Anyway, I just really don't want to meet him. It's my choice to avoid him at all costs, until I for sure know he's gay," I stated, throwing away my trash.

"Fine. Do you want to go hang out after school at the mall?" Keiko asked.

"What's in it for me?" I asked.

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