"Set My Heart Aflame, Ev'ry Part Aflame!"

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"And when you said 'Hi', I forgot my dang name.

Set my heart aflame, ev'ry part aflame!

This is not a game!"


Simple things he loves about you

(Author's P.O.V)

(I kinda want to start doing some of the character scenario's taking place during season three, except for some others)

(Please read the author's note at the very end)


Aoi Valt

Valt watches as (Y/n) chats with his two younger siblings. The way she gently talks to them in a motherly way, makes him really happy for some reason. He and (Y/n) have been dating for about a year now and he's really glad to have her as his.

But she always has a habit of talking to Valt's siblings in a way Mom would. And the twins really like it, guess they grew fond of it. However, there's always one thing that catches Valt's attention whenever she does so. She gets this sort of curiosity but prideful look, he's been meaning to ask her about it but the thought always slips out of his mind.

(Y/n) truly is one of a kind.

Kurenai Shu

One thing Shu loves to do with (Y/n) is her playing with his hair. She always finds it satisfying once she tries to soothe his messy white hair. (Which he does on purpose.) But anyways, (Y/n) always sticks her tongue out in concentration while brushing his white locks.

And whenever she's done, she always has this prideful look, until Shu's hair gets messy again an hour later. He also do that on purpose because of the faces she makes are super adorable. But then with everything, there's a price. She always lectures him to always keep his hair clean and brushed.

But Shu doesn't listen. 

(As Red Eye)

Even though Red Eye might act a little cold towards her and seem like he doesn't care, she always manages to catch his eye.

He really loves how determined she is when she's off training with the others. She always wins in the battles, no matter the opponent. It's a little refreshing to Red Eye since she's always a little shy and seems like she's afraid of Red Eye. Though, that nervousness is slowly fading away. 

Anyways, (Y/n) being confident always makes him smile.

Kiyama Rantaro

Rantaro always loves how (Y/n) acts tough at first. She's almost just like him, intimidating at first, until you get to know them a little better. But, she wasn't like this at first when they met. She was slightly shy, timid, and silent person. Guess Rantaro has rubbed off her.

But Rantaro loves the softer side of (Y/n) a lot more. She's more understanding, gentle, and a great listener. She gives Rantaro all of the time in the world, and he absolutely loves it.

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