Aana’s POV –

“You really couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Joe spat down the phone.

“What the fuck?”

“You couldn’t stand to see me with someone prettier and better than you, could you?”

“A slut you mean?” I asked, holding back the tear that was fighting to come out.

“No Aana. If anything, you’re the slut.”

“I’m a slut? God Joe, why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

“Why would I, when Lauren does it perfectly?”

“Because Lauren would pass on her herpes, although you probably have that too.” I countered.

“Maybe I do, want to fuck?” I could tell through the phone he was smirking and god I hope he could feel how much I wanted to punch him.

“With you? Why when I have someone?” I laughed, shrugging at the girls’ shocked faces.

“You have someone?” He muttered, obviously annoyed. How I this one was going to work out, I don’t know.

“Erm yeah. Jake.” I mumbled, hoping the girls wouldn’t hear. For some reason it was the first name that popped into my name it also happened to be Lottie’s elder brother.


“Yes Jake, he’s a good fuck. Plus, his little man isn’t so little.” I grinned, hanging up on him.

“Care to explain why you just told Joe my brother had a big little guy?” Lottie asked, trying to be serious.

“It’s the first name that popped into my head, honestly.” I smiled, hoping the ground would swallow me up. Lottie was still grinning whilst looking down at her phone. “Oh come on Lottie. Please don’t, he’ll tease me forever. Don’t tell him Lottie. You know I hate Jake and he’s going to tease me like hell.” I frowned, practically begging her not to tell Jake what I said to Joe. Me and Jake had a love hate relationship. Mostly hate. He was the world’s biggest player and he spent his life teasing me about every little thing. He asked me to go to prom with him and then a  minute in to the partyhe stood on the bottom of my dress on fucking purpose so it ripped off, displaying my not shaved legs. I chose a freaking maxi dress for a reason. You can’t drag a girl to prom in the middle of her watching all of the Marvel films and expect her to be shaved and clean. Since then we’ve been at each other’s throats. Sometimes for fun, he’ll text me sex pictures of him and his latest hoe just to annoy me. You get the message, he’s a dick. Just as I was about to beg Lottie some more, my phone beeped, signalling a text.

From: FriendsWithBenefitsHottie

So, I’m good in bed?

“Lottie, you are such an asshole! So is your fuck head brother. Do you know what he’s changed his name to in my phone? FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS HOTTIE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?” I cursed, flapping my arms around in frustration. God I was going to kill him. Before I replied, I made sure to change his name to something more him and not Channing Tatum.

“Sorry babe. Love ya!” She smirked, obviously not sorry.


Don’t get happy, I only said that to get another dickhead off my back. Also, hack my phone one more time Weaver and I’ll kick your tiny girl balls right back up your scrotum.

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