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The next morning was pretty average. Soolyeon had nothing to do.
Soolyeon has three brothers. 1 of them in his late 20s, another one who's 18 and a little brother that spends most of his time with their dad so she barely sees him. That goes for all her brothers. She started to miss them a little everyday. Her mom came in her room to tell her something.
"soolyeon... Jaehyun called... He said he's visiting for a few days!" her mom said happily.
"HE IS?!?!?" soolyeon yelled
"yeah!" her mom said with a big  smile
"OMG YES, FINALLY" She said jumping up in joy.
Jaehyun just so happens to be her 18 year old brother. She was so happy he was coming and she couldn't wait.
"hey mom, I missed you" jaehyun says entering his former home. His mom hugs him tightly. Soolyeon who was upstairs heard a male voice and quickly ran downstairs. At the sight of her brother, she runs and gives him a hug. "oh so you did miss me" he says sarcastically and hugging her back.
"shut up " she said chuckling
Soolyeon took her older brother to her room so they could catch up.
"woow... I see you haven't changed much" he said looking at her walls
"what do you mean? There's nothing on them" she said confused
"that's the point" he said chuckling
Soolyeon playfully smacked him and sat on her bed.
"so soolyeon, how are things at school" he said sitting next to her.
"oh... Everything's fine. I still get a lot of detention tho. " she said
"yup, you haven't changed one bit" he said chuckling.
"okay it's not my fault, I need extra sleep in the morning and I don't always remember to put my alarm and other stuff" she said
"yeah yeah.. " he said
"how's your friends?" he asked
"oh they're great, I still hang out with Taelee, Reena, mark and haec-"
"mark huh?" he said cutting her off
"yeah, what about him?" she asked confused
"no nothing, he just used to have a crush on you back when you were in sixth grade and he told me about it. I didn't like the idea of him trying to date my 12 year old sister. " he said seriously
"wait what? When I was in sixth grade, he was already in sec 1 and you were in sec 3... And he had a crush on me???? Ew why?" she said confused.
"soolyeonie, believe it or not, but some people actually find you.... Either cute or cool and whatever" her brother says while cringing.
"I still can't believe it.... Mark is one of my best friends.. He never told me about this. " she said.
"well now you know. But what about you?" he asked
"what about me?" she said turning to him
"had any crushes lately?" he asked
"uhhhh........ No?" she said turning back around to hide her face.
"hm, you don't sound so sure about that. " he said laughing.
"come on, tell me" he said staring at her
"(sigh)... I met this group of 9 guys and one guy just seems so... Cool.... I don't know, he just never leaves my mind and it's driving me crazy" she said looking at her brother
"wow, you are a girl after all" he said pinching her red cheeks
"don't do that " she said taking his hand off her face. Jaehyun always liked to baby her and she never liked it but she always let him because he was always nice with her.
"so what's this guy's name?" he asks
"his names jisung" she said, her cheeks getting hotter.
"how old is he?" he asks again
"I don't know, he looks like he's around, 16 or 17" she said.
"how tall is he?" he asks
"I don't know, all I know is that he's taller than me and always looks down when I talk to him" She said smiling.
"but why are you asking all these questions?" her smile fades as she talks.
"because I just wanted to see you blush. You never blushed before so you're kinda adorable when you do "
He said laughing.
"I hate you" she said hitting him with her pillow 
The next day
The next morning, soolyeon got up early and had time to eat breakfast with her brother.
"how'd you sleep last night?" he asks her
"meh... Could've been better" she said eating her food. Her brother joins her and when she's done she gets dressed and leaves. Walking outside, she see's changbin
"oh hi changbin" she says running beside him.
"oh... Hey soolyeon, what's up" he says with a smile.
"nothing much. What about you? Why aren't you walking with Chan and Jisung?" she asks
"ahh... They leave too early, I like to stay in bed and leave when I'm supposed to leave" he said
Wow, he's like me soolyeon thought to herself.
The rest of the walk was pretty quiet and neither of them said anything.
Reaching school changbin went over to hyunjin and felix and soolyeon followed.
"oh, hey soolyeon, haven't seen you all week last week" hyunjin said
"yeah.... I've mostly been with chan and jisung " she said with a smile
"ahh" he said understandingly
"hey felix" she said to the distracted felix
"oh... Oh hey, didn't see you there"he said in English with his Australian accent
"h-huh?" soolyeon said confused as she didn't understand what he said.
"oh sorry, I said I didn't see you standing there" he said translating.
"oh... " she said
"where's the rest of your friends?" she asks.
"well, I know seungmin's at the library" hyunjin said with a smile.
"I think woojin hyung is with his other friends from sec 4" changbin said.
"jeongin is with his other friends too." felix said
"oh what about minho?" she asks
"dance class" all three males say at the same time. They all laugh and head their separate ways. Soolyeon met up with her friends and told them about her brother. As she was talking, she saw jisung walking with chan.
Wow, they spend a lot of time together
She thought to herself. The trio headed to their class and just sat there waiting for the teacher to enter. When she did, everyone went quiet.
Welp, this was also a filler part cuz like... I need it. But anyways, I think (I hope) part 6 will be a bit better. I hope you enjoyed part 5 :)

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