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"Ooooooh!" You squeal, stopping your tracks as you stared at something above.

"What is it?" Tadashi asks as he sees you stop.

He walked towards you with a confused look, Hiro trailing behind his back.

"A stuff toy! And a (Favorite Animal)!" You giggle, pointing to a large (Favorite Animal) that was on the top shelf.

The man, that was running the game, smiled at your excited face.

"Want that lassie?" He asked, leaning forward and nodding at the stuff toy.

You grinned and nodded frantically.

The man chuckled.

"Well then, go get your boyfriend to win it for you!" The man teased while gesturing to Tadashi.

You blushed and shook your head.

"N-no! He isn't my boyfriend!" You stammered, giving the man an awkward smile.

The man chuckled as Tadashi smiled at him.

[ 3rd Person ]

Hiro looked at (Y/n) with suspicion.

Does she like Tadashi?

"No! She can't!" He thought angrily.

Tadashi's too old for her.

He suddenly snapped back when Tadashi tossed a ring to the hoop.

(Y/n) gasped excitedly as she looked at Tadashi with hope. Her eyes shining with happiness.

Hiro felt jealous for his big brother.

"It was supposed to be me." He thought bitterly.

He looked at Tadashi once more to see him aim and shoot the ring.

It landed again.

"Just one more 'Dashi!" (Y/n) squealed, having this excited look on her face.

Tadashi smiled at her making Hiro more jealous.

Tadashi aimed.

He tossed.

He missed.

"Aww.." (Y/n) pouted as she eyed the (Favorite Animal) sadly.

Tadashi came up to her and ruffled her hair. "Maybe next time, nerd." He chuckled.

They both smiled at each other and turned around, making their way to another booth.

As Hiro noticed their retreating forms, He quickly fished his pocket for 5 dollar and slammed it on the desk making the man jump at the boy's actions.

"Three rings please." Hiro muttered, looking down.

The man smiled at him before giving 3 rings.

(Y/n) looked over her shoulder to call to Hiro and saw him aiming to toss a ring.

She quickly darted towards him and watched as he tossed.

It went to the hoop.

(Y/n) gasps excitedly.

"Two more!" She squealed, having the same glint in her eyes earlier.

Hiro aimed and it went to the hoop again.

"One more!" (Y/n) anxiously whispered.

Hiro looked at her and smiled at her uneasy face.

He aims.

He tosses.





He shoots.

"EEEE!" (Y/n) squealed, jumping around excitedly.

"You did it, Hiro!" She squealed again.

"Now what's your prize little man? Is it for this little lady?" The man smiled and gestured to the (Hair color) girl who had a faint hue of red on her cheeks.

Hiro nodded shyly as the man took out the (Favorite Animal).

(Y/n) looked at Hiro with wide eyes as he gives her the stuff toy.

"Hiro.. I can't accept this!" She protested, pushing it back towards Hiro.

He shook his head at the girl's stubbornness and gave her the (Favorite Animal).

She looked at Hiro and grinned.

"Thank you!" She launched herself and gave Hiro a hug.

Hiro hugged back while chuckling.

"You're mine."


Drabble :3

Oh! Some of you may or may have not noticed but, I don't put myself usually on the oneshots than I do right?

It's just, it's been bothering me that you don't really like my character in the story. I'm just an extra.

I'm just stating this. :)

Maybe in the near future, I'm going to delete myself in the oneshots. ☺

I have no plan but, maybe. Just maybe. I already have an idea to remove myself from the 'A Bad Day Turned Around'. It wouldn't be the same but it just disturbs me.

Do you like my character in the oneshots?

Also, I think I'm going to have a break on writing. Those 'Rivals' parts made my brain turn to mush 😂😅

Anyways, I got to go!

Bye bye my little kittens!

Luv you!


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