Chapter Four: Soulmates

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Once a year, the Wave Breakers met. Throughout the rest of the year, we only met one-on-one if there needed to be a transfer of information. As I burrowed further into my coat, I trudged through the rain to where I'd scheduled a meet with my handler. There were new developments they would want to know.

Stopping outside of the theater, I glanced around one more time. For the past four years, I'd noticed that my vision had started to gain a pink tinge. Over time, the haze began to solidify and this past week it had become brilliant red threads. Those threads crisscrossed everywhere I looked, and I was surprised how many I found connecting one person to another.

With a sigh, I shook my head and headed for the ticket booth. As usual on a Monday night, it was Ariel working. Her eyebrows rose as soon as she saw me and she tore off a ticket to pass to me. I slid a bill through the window in silence and headed into the theater.

We met in the bathroom five minutes later, as was our arrangement. She didn't have a chance to ask before I blurted, "I'm seeing connection lines."


"I can see red lines connecting people if they're near, or disappearing over the horizon if they're not."

"Slow down, May. What red lines? What are they?"

"If I knew that, I would have led with that."

"But they exist for everyone?"

"No, but most."

"And only you can see them?"

"Well, you're only four years older than me. If you can't see them, then this is either a new development with my generation of FWs, or it's a complication specific to me."

"Okay, I'll get the word out to the others to be on the lookout. Is there anything else I should know?"

"Tell them to be on the lookout for tinted vision prior. For years I've been seeing a pink haze, and it's gradually morphed into this."

"You've been seeing this for years and you never reported it?" she asked in a miffed tone.

"I have reported it. To all of the past handlers. Now I'm telling you. And I will continue to keep you informed. If I figure out what this is, you'll be the first to know."

With that, I stepped out of the bathroom and entered the theater. Even in a crowded room with the lights down low, all I could see was a sea of red lingering above the heads of everyone in the room. Some connected two people sitting right next to each other. Others drifted out of my line of sight. If I wasn't so fascinated with the possibilities, it would have been annoying.

When the movie ended, I headed home at a slower pace. The rain had lightened to an irritating mist, but it didn't affect the way I saw the lines connecting people. In fact, nighttime seemed to enhance the strength of them. As a young couple walked past me, I found it strange how the female's red line disappeared into a house across the street. The male's line was actually attached to the young woman closing up the florist's shop that they just passed. And none of them seemed to notice a damn thing.

Until he looked back.

The look on his face was plain as day, and the second she looked up at him, the widest smiles spread out across both their faces. In that moment, I realized what the heart lines meant. They were soulmates.

In an instant, I ducked into the shadowed alley between two shops and raised a hand to my own chest. It was the first line I'd noticed over the years, and now it was a bright, strong scarlet shooting out from my chest. The thing about it was that it didn't disappear over the horizon or connect to someone in town. Instead, I had to look to the stars before my scarlet thread faded out. It went so far, I could barely tell the direction it was going in. And it wasn't to the moon.

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