Chapter 1: Arrival Of Rust City

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A female was walking down the muggy streets of a town.

A town filled with misery, sadness, and abandoned.

She has lightly tanned almond skin complexion, long hazelnut hair that is at the bottom to the middle of her back, with multi-colored wires in series of hues on the left-hand side of the head, and steel blue eye color, with a metallic optic with the metal that covers her eyeball, to her socket.

She is wearing a blue, white, cerulean, peacock, and sky cameo garment with a hoodie that is enormous that reaches down to her thighs, with pockets on the sides and a silver zipper in the front, and with frost hems at the ends of the sleeves and the lowest part of the sweater.

The female is also wearing a pair of blue jeans that is down to her ankles, with light purple, light blue shoes with white shoelaces.

Stephanie was wandering along the road on her historic street that she used to walk on when she was considerably younger than her normal self, until someone else came into her existence, changing everyone's lives horribly.

Stephanie continued to walk along the road to her hometown, thinking of another way to save this town from the terrible current president that was immediately elected after the previous one just quit suddenly.

She wandered by a passage and when she was about halfway past the alley, she immediately smelled oil and grime coming from down that area.

She scrunched up her nose in disgust and glanced down the passage that she smelled the odors are coming from, filled with confusion and curiosity.

The alley was dark, with steam blowing everywhere, like an eerie entrance to any haunted house that might frighten people.

Rather, of reminding her of the same haunted house that she visited back in the earlier adventure.

She looks through the passage for a while, until she noticed an elderly blind man, sitting near a wall right by the alley, gazing down the same pathway that she was glancing downwards before him.

He has coffee skin color, short snow-white hair along with a beard that is a small buzz cut, as he was sitting down on top of a little blanket, with a sign that said, "I AM HOMELESS. WILL WORK FOR MONEY."

He is wearing a light green jacket, with a pale shirt underneath, as his jeans become worn out slightly as there were holes in some places on the jeans and no shoes nor socks.

His eyes are pure milky as if he is blind, not wearing any sunglasses to fakes like any of the greedy isolated people that pretends to act for money when they are undoubtedly stealing wallets and anything that are worth a fortune.

The man glanced back at over where she is and softly spoke to her, with a calm tone, with a bit of a southern accent in his language, "You want to know what's down there, do you?"

She felt intrigued by his words, but responded to his question, "Yes, I do. Do you know what is down there, mister?"

He softly chuckled as he moderately shook his head side to side, slightly amused at her question and answered back to her question, "That's what you decide to see what you want to see. I can't see what is down there anymore. I barely walk either. But you can." he continued, as he slightly shifted to show that he couldn't walk.

"If you are capable to go down there to see what lurks down at that place, you can perceive it for yourself. It won't be easy though, the new world there, is not what you see that is like ours, you have to be more careful and wise to enter that place," he warned.

Stephanie was quiet for a moment, before nodding her head and twisted slightly the other way around to confront him and gently placed her palms on his wrinkly old hands and softly whispered, "I'll promise you this; if I come back safely without any wounds, cuts, bruises, nor anythin', I'll give you somethin' that I got from that place to prove it is safe to go down there."

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