Prologue: The Beginning Of The Story

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It was an average night in the modern city.

A grandpa figure was reading his nephew one of his books for the peaceful night, as he was in his bed, listening politely to him reading his favorite book that he likes to read about until he finished reading the book.

He gently closed the book gently, as his nephew was relaxing in his bed, with his covers up to his neck, feeling warm through the night.

But that wasn't the end of the prologue that is the beginning of the story.

"Let me tell you a real hero, my boy." the grandpa figure spoke fondly, as his beloved nephew listened to him. "His name is Tarboy, nothin' like you've seen before."

"Once, there was these rich Fat Cats, Grunt, Blunt, and Cu-" he paused thoughtfully as he tried remembering the third guy's name.

He shrugged when he couldn't remember that guy's name.

"I can't remember the last one."

The nephew shrugged along with him because he doesn't know anything about this third guy's name either.

"See, they rule the world with their greed, their slaves worked day and night in the mines." the grandfather continued, as his nephew listened to his story.

"Doing what?" the nephew asked eagerly, sounding curious.

"Working!" the grandpa exclaimed.

"They clinked, and they clanked, and they pushed, and they pulled, and their limbs kept rusting and their joints were sore. And they clinked, and they clanked, and they pushed, and they pulled, and they've worked, and they've worked."

"Gosh." the nephew softly replied.

"Until one day, the Fat Cats found a new and improved way of killing the ground," the grandpa continued, as his nephew listened to him telling his story. "And they chopped up the slaves, and they just threw them away."

"Um, where?" the nephew curiously asked, sounding curious and confused.

"Into the tarpit, my boy!" the grandpa exclaimed, as the nephew jolted slightly from the sudden exclaim.

"Into the tar! Where they sank, and they melted, but they didn't die! Their memory chips survived and infused with the tar! They all hunger for revenge of their horrid, shitwritten-"

"You swore!" the nephew exclaimed, interrupting his grandfather from his story.

"Shut up, Billy!" the grandfather harshly exclaimed, pointing a finger at him as he instantly went quiet when he snapped at him.

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