Kira's Pov

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"Today is quiet a beautiful morning wouldn't you agree?” Moving the side of his jacket he talks to the hand stuffed in the pocket. “I was thinking that perhaps we can get coffee at the cafe. It's next door to the sandwich store. After that we can head over to the park, find a nice tree and enjoy our meals.”  

There was something different about today that Kira could not pinpoint. The feeling was very strange as if there was something big that would change everything.

It made him feel a bit unsteady since all he has tried to do was live a tranquil life. One where he can have all the girlfriends in the world and never get caught for cheating or be ashamed.


The scream was so close it caused him to stand in place as a girl ran past him slightly shoving him. As you passed by he was able to see your face clearly with a wide smile.

Your hair flowed behind you in a wave of curls. The tips gently  caressed the side of his face.

“Thi, this girl. She's !”

His entire world stopped moving. The shock wired his mind to remember everything from high school. To remember the warm feeling of having a friend. The feeling of not being so alone. The feeling of having you in his arms when you needed him. The feeling that he repressed when he became a sailor. The feeling “of love.”

Watching you run toward a tall, slim pretty boy caused him to feel a sharp shock of jealousy. His highschool love was with another man.

How cruel! You passed by him like a regular human and ran straight toward someone else. How he hated the fact that you didn't even bother to turn and see him.

A small twitch started on his left eye watching the man your with slide his hand on your waist walking with you. Your laughter and warm smile was a wake up call to Kira.

You were happy in another man's arms. Someone has stolen you! No matter how intensively he stares at your back you would not turn to face him.

Acknowledge me!”

If only you could turn around and recognize him!

But you won't.

It's as if your refusing to look at him.

Your to busy with that pretty boy

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