Chapter 12

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{10year old Terrance's POV}

"Come on David don't say that."

"What do you want me to say Angel?! Terrance hasn't shifted yet!"

"Maybe he needs more time-"

"He was supposed to shift when he was 9. No one will take a Gamma that can't shift, period!"

"Shush! Maybe he'll shift today, it's his birthday after all so stop being negative and beside he's really smart, isn't that good as well? He's 10 now and he already taught himself Calculus!"

I listened to my parents argue while fixing the strap on my bag and putting it on my shoulder. I grabbed a bag of marshmallows and placed them in there.

Is shifting really that important?

"Hey sweetheart were are you going, aren't you going to celebrate your birthday?" Mom into the kitchen with a soft smile. But I knew better, deep down she agreed with every bad thing dad said about me.

"I am not really going to celebrate my birthday that much. I am going to do a few things, just not with you."

Her eyes widened at my words as I walked past her with a blank expression towards the front door when dad grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face him.

"Your not going anywhere Terrance, apologize to your mom."

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